Hair Implant

Hair Implant in Pakistan Lahore, hair implantation cost in Pakistan

If you are suffering from permanent baldness or rapid hair loss, you may need to go for a permanent solution to restore your hair back by opting for method of hair implant. In this treatment, through a surgical procedure hair follicle are removed from donor area and grafted into recipient area. But before going for this implantation, you need to check and read about whole procedure. If you will have some idea prior to consultancy session, you will make a better choice for yourself.

First step you need to do is to select an expert surgeon in your area who should have several years of experience and practice in this field of hair implant. In initial consultancy session with your surgeon, you will get to know about whole process of this treatment. You will understand about goals and objectives of your surgery. You will get detail of sessions you need to go through and estimated cost of whole treatment. Average length of a session is not more than six hours. You can ask about discounts and packages offered by surgeon. You can also explain to your surgeon about how much dense hair you needed in your recipient area. You should also check reviews from previous patients who go through implantation. Your surgeon will discuss various methods of hair implant along with their procedures. He will tell you about his recommendations and give you different options. You need to select such a clinic for transplant which has updated medical instruments. At the end of this process, you will have natural growth after few months. Hair re grow will be natural that even your hairstylist will not recognize your implant. You will have these hairs for your lifetime. Natural looking hair will help in improving your confidence level and enhancing your social circle. You will get rid of wigs and other hair extension.

Average cost of hair implant is from seven thousand dollars to ten hundred dollars in USA and Canada while hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 1200-1800$. You have to pay this cost once you go through treatment. If you compare this money with long-term benefits you will have in the future, this price is not very much. It will save the money you need to spend on other non surgical methods of hair restoration. You have to wait for at least ninety days to see the results. We will provide discount if you have to go through more than one session of implantation.

Hair implant can also have various side-effects. You can get some bacterial infection on treated area of your scalp. It becomes very much sensitive and you need to take proper care of your scalp for some days. You may get permanent scarring after this treatment. You can also get bleeding and soreness. You are required not to go in sunlight for some days. These side-effects are often temporary and short-term. If you will visit a skillful and expert surgeon like Dr.Ahmad who has 14 years experience and visiting Associate Professor in France, chances of these side-effects will be reduced. You should also follow all pre-surgical precautions given by our hair transplant surgeon.

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