Hair follicles

Hair Follicles

A hair follicle is a human organ that produces hair. It has different parts that complete the function of growing hair strands and then these hairs fall out and a new hair is produced. The hair follicles may be affected by certain disorders that reduce its functionality and cause them to produce thinner hair or no hair at all. This results in baldness and medical science has been working on ways to reduce these disorders and restore hair growth. The most efficient and result yielding procedure of hair restoration is hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is performed in two basic ways. One is the strip method and the other is the follicular unit extraction. Strip method involves the removal of a strip of hair from the back of the head and then this strip is dissected into smaller hair units which are planted on the bald patch, where hair follicles do not produce any hair. The FUE method is more technical than the strip method and involves extraction of hair follicles from an area of dense hair growth. These follicles are then planted on the bald patch. FUE and strip method are in practice everywhere in the world. Out of the two methods, FUE is more result yielding and natural looking. Previously, hair transplants were done to eliminate any disorderly gaps in hair growth that looked unpleasant. The hair follicles are planted in the same pattern as the natural hair pattern and the direction of hair growth is also kept constant so as to give a natural appearance, due to which many people cannot detect if a person has taken hair transplant treatment. It is advised that a person must do some research prior to the treatment in order to find out about the best surgeon and select a surgeon who is skilled and well reputed for his job. The hair transplant surgery methods have evolved over the years and the latest methods produce much better results. Previously, hair transplants were done in a way that it looked unnatural and many surgeons produced results that made the hair growth look strange and rather unpleasant. It is essential to select a surgeon wisely since hair transplants are more manual work and need to be done with care. Hair follicles need to be extracted with care in order to be able to plant while they are viable and have the ability to grow at a different location. A good surgeon extracts hair follicles selectively and plants them within a short period to restore hair growth. Hair follicles can be damaged or made weak due to deficiencies of some vital minerals and vitamins which cause hair loss. It is necessary to have a good diet and consume vitamin supplements to ensure health of hair follicles. In case of severe hair loss baldness occurs and therefore people turn to hair transplants.

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