Hair follicle falling out

Hair follicles falling out-There are many people who have issues with hair loss, which is triggered by more than one reason. Usually, hair loss is seen of two kinds, scarring hair loss and simple hair loss. Scarring hair loss means that the hair comes out from the follicle while the simple hair loss is falling of hair but since the follicle is viable, a new strand grows back. After hair transplant surgeries, hair fall is seen in recipients but this kind of hair loss is related to the after effects of surgery. Normally, after any kind of surgery, the patient undergoes hair loss, also known as shock loss. This hair loss is due to a disturbance in the natural body mechanism and is only temporary. The patients see normal hair growth within three to six months of hair transplant surgery. Follicles falling out after a surgery indicate that something went wrong during the surgery, or that the post surgery care routine was not followed properly. Usually, surgeons recommend the use of shampoo a day after hair transplant. This is done in order to prevent any sebum or residue frm accumulating and hence making the hair follicle come loose and fall off. Another reason for hair follicles falling out is the existent dandruff on the scalp. Dandruff causes hair follicles to lose their viability and become weak, eventually making them fallout from the pore. In every individual, it is normal to lose around 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. However, due to some kind of a disorder many people lose more than this range and eventually suffer from less hair. All the hair lost is also gained back under normal circumstances, however, when there isn’t any re-growth, and then it’s typically a sign that the individual may have an issue. Hair loss is attributed to a wide range of different issues including inherited problems, illness and medications. When a person is losing a larger number of hairs it is recommended that he or she gets a medical check up to find out the underlying problem. In case of hair transplant surgery as well, it is recommended to correct the issue that is causing hair fall. If the recipient undergoes treatment while the problem still persists, the hair fall will resume after surgery as well. Autoimmune diseases, severe illness, hormones, stress, poor nutrition, medications and even unsatisfactory hair care. Since most of these reasons cause irreversible hair loss, it must be dealt with care and caution. Hair loss can cause some disorders like further stress and a sense of inferiority. It is essential to follow post surgery care and to follow doctor’s instructions to prevent hair follicle falling out.

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