hair fall treatment

Hair fall treatment in Lahore is now emerging as an industry in the United States earning one billion dollars every year. Almost two billion dollar is spent annually on transplant surgeries all over the world. Still there is a huge demand of these treatments. Several causes of hair fall include genetic, medicine, psychological and disease. In some cases, hair fall is temporary and they usually re grow after some time without any treatment. Hair fall is prohibited through intake of vitamins, zinc and iron. But in majority cases, sufferers need some treatment to restore their hair back. These treatments are classified into two types; non surgical and surgical treatments. Non surgical treatments are used when patient is on early stages of baldness. The United States Food and Drug Administration have approved two non surgical hair restoration methods. One is Rogaine (Minoxidil), which is most effective in further preventing hair fall once it started. It is especially prepared to cure male pattern baldness. It helps maintain remaining hair rather than hair re growth. Finasteride, marketed as Propecia also help in curing patchy hair loss. Much Research on this medicine tells that it actually works if it is used in a specific quantity for a specific time span. These medicines are taken orally or applied directly on the scalp. But the problem is that they need a long time to show their results. In some person, they may not show positive change.

Surgical treatment or hair transplant is one of the most effective and permanent solutions of hair fall in Lahore. These transplants were originated in Japan in 1930s, later they were modified in the United states in 1950s. These are usually carried out by given local anesthesia to patients. They are performed by expert and professional surgeons in specially equipped updated clinics. They also have certain pre surgery and post surgery precautions to follow. Certain techniques are invented to perform hair transplant surgeries. Follicular Unit Transplant is traditional and conventional method of transplant available worldwide. In this method, a scalpel is used to remove strips of hair follicles from that area of scalp where hair density is more. One these follicles are removed, they are separated from each other by using a microscope. In hairless or bald area, small circular cuts are made by using a round punch. Hair follicles after separating from each other are now harvested in these holes. In Follicular Unit Extraction, method is same, but there is a difference. Hair follicles are not removed in a strip. Surgeon removes them from scalp one by one. This method is less painful as compared to follicular unit transplant. Laser Transplantation is a promising method, which uses laser beam of light to make small cuts in scalp. You may need to go through one session or multiple sessions depending upon severity of hair loss.

These surgical methods have many benefits, but some disadvantages are also there. These are very expensive hair fall treatment in Lahore. They required much time of surgeon and patient. They can have adverse side-effects.

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