Hair Fall Treatment Holland

Hair fall treatment in  Holland- Hair loss has become an issue during the recent years and this is why a large number of people turn towards medical treatments to cover baldness. There are many non surgical methods of hair restoration but the most effective method is the hair transplant surgery. Holland, Netherlands is a developed European state which has an increased tourism. However, in terms of medical treatments there is a reversed trend. The people of the Netherlands travel to cheaper destinations in order to get good treatment since all basic treatments are very expensive in the country. The cosmetic procedures are more expensive than ordinary medical treatments hence in Holland, the cost of these procedures is exorbitant. This is why, many people travel to other countries where the same kind of results is offered at a much lower cost. Countries such as Pakistan are famous for cheaper medical facilities. This difference in cost is due to a change in currency rates along with the high taxes and strict insurance policies in the west. The procedures of cosmetic enhancements are more costly in Pakistan as well, but even then they are within reach of patients hailing from Europe and the United States. The hair transplantation surgery involves shifting hair from an area of good hair growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This procedure is done under the effect of local anesthesia and requires minimal surgical equipment. The whole procedure requires a skilled and experienced surgeon since it demands a high degree of precision and artistry that is acquired through extensive experience. The hair transplant procedure is performed in two basic ways, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method and the strip method. Both the methods of hair transplantation are used in Pakistan and the FUE method costs more than the strip method due to the level of technique and skill involved. The patients living in the Netherlands can easily arrange a consultation with any of the surgeons in Pakistan over the Internet. This is a simple process since the patient has to send a photograph to the surgeon and receive an estimate of the cost, number of grafts and sessions needed for full coverage of bald patches. The surgeons in Pakistan are amicable and more than often patients are satisfied with the treatments they receive in Pakistan. This is one of the main reasons that Pakistan is a popular destination for those looking for a result yielding procedure at a cheap price. There are many non surgical methods for hair restoration such as laser therapy and use of medicinal lotions. However, these methods more or less only stop hair loss and do not cover up for the loss already suffered. The surgical procedure of hair restoration is by far the most satisfactory since it not only stops hair loss but also cover the bald patches. The hair transplant surgery involves shifting hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no hair growth. This method was first done in the 1950s in Japan to restore hair growth among people who suffered baldness due to accidents or burns. The initial methods of hair surgery were not as natural as they are nowadays. Very often in the past, surgery created unnatural looks such as that the scalp appeared bumpy and the hair appeared to be growing from a single opening in the scalp just like doll’s hair. This did not serve the purpose of the surgery since hair transplantation is done to provide the person with this confidence that he or she is looking good and has no bald areas to be conscious of. In case of a poor result, this purpose is not served; rather the person may become more conscious of how poorly his hair might appear. This is why the method of hair transplantation is of extreme importance. The person suffering from hair loss must first of all find out the reason of hair fall. Once the reason is found out it has to be cured properly before engaging in any kind of restoration treatment.

Hair fall treatment in Holland is available with the latest techniques and methods, however, the cost of these methods is extremely high and therefore unaffordable for many people.

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