Fue transplant

Fue transplant Pakistan

Hair restoration can be done in two ways; strip method and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Out of the two methods, FUE is more advanced and hence more popular technique of hair transplant in Pakistan. Due to the natural results and everlasting growth on bald patches, the FUE method is preferred. It is also due to the skills involved in performing this procedure, that all surgeons cannot carry out FUE procedure. While using this method, the surgeon extracts individual follicles one by one and then implants them in the same manner on the bald patches. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry can extract 2500-3500 and some cases 4000 grafts in single procedure, due to this unique reason people travel to get fue hair transplant in Pakistan from different countries of the world. The area from where the follicles are taken is called the donor site. Donor site is usually the back of the head since hair growth in that region is good and the stands are thick. According to the kind of baldness and the size of area that needs coverage, the surgeon extracts an adequate number of follicles. This whole procedure is done under local anesthesia and can be performed in a clinic since operation theatre facilities are not required. Once the follicles are extracted, the surgeon starts making tiny incisions on the bald patch and plants these follicles in them. The follicles are planted in the same pattern as that of the existing hair on the scalp. In case the follicles are not planted in the same pattern, the look will not be as natural as it should be. This is why the surgeon’s skills and artistic hand is a vital contributor to the end result.

  Fue hair transplant Side Effects

A person can witness a few side effects which are not major and can be experienced after any kind of surgery. The usual side effects include redness of the area treated, swelling, and headache. Headache is usually due to the small incision wounds and also the follicles being planted. This is a temporary discomfort for which surgeons prescribe pain killers. The post surgery care routine given by the surgeon should be followed since it can help in getting rid of all the side effects. The redness or swelling of the area can is also temporary and is due to the same reason as that of headaches. The side effect which worries many people is the hair fall or shedding after the procedure. It is also called shock loss since it is due to the body undergoing a treatment and people who have had any kind of surgery go through this hair loss. When the body is worked on, the hair goes through a shock phase and after the surgery is over, the hair starts to fall. These hairs grow back again within a period of three months and after around ten months, the hair growth is dense and so natural that it is hard to tell if the person has had a Fue transplant treatment in Pakistan or abroad. To get an appointment for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan, you may call +92-333-430-9999 or write us through contact us page.

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