Fue transplant cost

FUE transplant Cost-Hair transplant is done in two basic ways, one procedure is called the strip method and the other is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The strip method involves removal of a strip of hair from an area of good hair growth. This area, also called the donor site, is usually the back of the head or the area above the ears. The strip removed, is then cut into smaller unites and planted on the bald area. This method does not require as much skill and experience as is required for FUE. The FUE method is more complicated as it involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor site. These follicles are individually planted on the bald patch and may need a few sessions for the procedure to be completed. The surgeon must be skilled and experienced since FUE method requires a lot of care. The surgeon has to observe the natural pattern of the existing hair and then plant the follicles in the same pattern so that the transplant looks natural. Besides this, the surgeon has to manually plant each hair follicle, which is a tedious job and may be very time consuming. The cost for the FUE method is more than the strip method due to the above mentioned reasons. Apart from this, the FUE technique is more complicated hence the cost of the procedure has to be more. Usually surgeons charge according to the number of grafts planted. In case of less hair follicle being transplanted, the total cost of the procedure will be less as compared to the final cost of a procedure that includes a large number of hair follicles being transplanted. There are many latest technologies that are being used for FUE procedure, such as the neograft devices. The neograft transplant is a mechanical procedure in which a device is used to extract follicles and then plant them on the bald patch. This equipment is the latest advancement in hair restoration and if a surgeon is using this, the cost may be lesser. This is because manual work requires more time and energy than a machine and hence the cost of the procedure reduces. However, many people still rely more on human judgment and opt for a manual procedure since it is humanly to rely on another human than to rely on a machine. FUE is being performed almost everywhere, but there are some countries that offer cheaper hair transplant than developed countries in the west. In Asia, Pakistan, India and Malaysia are some of the cheapest destinations for FUE . Due to a high number of surgeries being done every day, the surgeons here are well-experienced and skilled. This is why the FUE procedures are not any less in quality than those being offered in the west. The surgeon’s skills and expertise are the main factors that determine the price of the procedure. In Europe, a hair transplant using the FUE method costs between 8,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros. The same kind of procedure, with the same level of results is available in Pakistan at many times lesser cost. The average cost bracket for FUE hair transplants in Pakistan is Rs70,000 to Rs140,000.

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