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Basic Fue hair transplant technique in Pakistan 

 FUE or follicular Unit Extraction is one of the two methods of hair transplant which was first used by a Japanese dermatologist  in 1988. This technique was included in 2002 after publication of a research conducted by  two American hair restoration surgeons. There are only few surgeons present all around the world which have years of practice and developed high skills in FUE. This is because a lot of time is needed to study and learn this technique. Only a highly skilled surgeon can insert up to fifteen hundred grafts per day by using this technique. This is considered a painless surgery  with minimum scarring on scalp. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert in Fue hair transplant technique in Pakistan and performing mega sessions of three thousand to five thousand follicles in single session.

In this method,  follicular units are removed from the donor site of scalp where dense hairs are present. Before removing, donor site of scalp is given a local anesthesia. These follicular units are removed one at each time by surgeon. In this step, medical equipment usually a punch is used in making small tiny cuts on donor area to separate them from nearby tissues. After that, they are pulled out directly from the scalp. Surgeon will repeat this process over and over again until he gets the required amount of follicles. This whole method can take many hours and multiple sessions. Wounds are left on scalp of approximately one millimeter that takes seven to ten days to heal properly. When this healing takes place, small white marks are still left in donor area of the scalp. These are thousand in numbers, but are not visible to eye. Surgeon needs to create recipient sites in area suffering from baldness . He uses small hollow needle to make these tiny sites. He transplants the harvested follicular units into each site. Hair starts growing from these follicles after three to four months of surgery. Specially designed robotic instruments are used to perform this surgery.

FUE technique is almost as same as FUT, but they have a major difference. In FUT, a strip of follicles is used to remove  follicles from the scalp. This saves time of both patients and surgeon. This method is painful and surgeon is required to give proper amount of local anesthesia to patient. After the surgery, wound is stapled or stitched by surgeon. Recover time is also more as compared to FUE. When it comes to cost, FUE is more expensive than FUT. For Example, if a single FUT graft costs four dollars, a single FUE will cost eight dollars. There is more chance of follicular damage in FUE than FUT. FUE technique is ideal for those people who are on initial stages of hair loss. It is also safe for those who want hair restoration on their eyebrows and eyelashes. Your doctor can recommend you best regarding method of transplantation you needed. No cutting, bleeding, pain, big scars and discomfort is involved in this technique. You can perform your routine activities after a few hours of treatment.

Fue hair transplant technique in Pakistan

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