Fue method

FUE method hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore. FUE method of hair transplant was successfully introduced in transplant industry in the year 2002. After introduction, it was commercially heavily in Europe and the United States. When FUE evolves, many dermatologists and surgeons started learning this new method and getting expertise in this transplant. Other transplant method leaves scars on scalp after treatment. Patients are unable to keep a shaved head and short hair. This method leaves no apparent scar on scalp. It is recommended for all those passing from different stages of Baldness according to Norman Scale. In this method, follicular hair units are removed from the donor area of patient’s scalp. A special medical instrument is used in making tiny and round cuts on the scalp around each follicular unit being separating them from near by tissues. These follicular units are extracted from the scalp after leaving a tiny hole. In another step, surgeon transplanted these follicular units into the small holes of patient’s recipient area. A tiny hollow needle is used in creating recipient’s sites in scalp of patient. This whole method is performed within one or multiple sessions according to patient’s severity of hair loss. Wounds left after surgery are less than one millimeter in size. It takes up to one week for patient to heal these wounds. Up to five thousand grafts can be harvested through FUE method. Some robotic devices and latest instruments are available in market to perform FUE.

FUE face a heavy competition with traditional method of transplant known as FUT. Over all method is the same, but in FUT surgeon extracts hair follicles from scar in form of a strip using a blade. Then, surgeon separates these follicular units from each other under a microscope. In FUE, he needs to extract each hair follicle one by one. This makes FUE a very time-consuming, but painless method. After FUE treatment, no linear mark is present on head. This is ideal for those who want to keep short hair after transplant. Wounds take a very less time to heal. Patient can resume his daily activities immediately after the treatment. Less itchiness, redness and soreness will be felt after transplant as compared to other methods. This is highly recommended for those who have tight scalp. This method is also beneficial in body to head transplantation. This method involves less blood and pain. This is suitable for those who are on initial stages of hair loss and they need only few grafts. Hair re grown after treatment are more natural and dense than any other method.

Quality of grafts obtained from FUE is not as good as FUT. As a result, growth of follicular unit is comparatively less than FUT. This method is much slow; it takes much time and sessions. This method is very much costly. On average it costs two hundred to three hundred percent more price than FUT. No linear caring doesn’t mean that there will be no scar at all and some times, these white scares became more prominent on head.

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