Fue Hairs

FUE Hair

Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE is a method of hair transplant that involves extraction of hair follicles from a region of good hair growth and then planting these follicles on the bald patch. The place from where hair follicles are extracted is called the donor site. Usually, the donor site is at the back of the head since hair growth in that region is good in male pattern baldness. The hair follicles are planted on the bald patch one by one by making small incisions on the scalp. All hair transplant surgeons cannot perform FUE procedure since it is a technical procedure and requires some degree of skill and experience. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and the patient is fully aware. The FUE hair transplant can be done on a clinical chair in the doctor’s clinic since it does not require surgical equipment present in the operation theater. Every person interested in FUE method must choose a skilled and experienced since it is not possible to entrust an individual’s outlook to a surgeon who is not experienced. Once the surgeon is consulted, all basic details are discussed. The surgery is done in a single session but can be prolonged to a few sessions depending on the extent of baldness. The doctor discusses with the candidate, the number of grafts that need to be planted and what the end result will be. For the surgery, the hair and scalp are cleaned thoroughly and the surgeon uses a microscope to extract follicles from the donor site under local anesthesia. The extracted follicles are then planted on the bald patch , under the microscopic lens. The surgeon has to keep a watch of the existing hair pattern so as to plant the new follicles in the same manner. This produces natural results. The direction of hair growth is also kept in view. Once the hair follicles are planted and the bald patch is covered. The surgeon prescribes a few antibiotics and pain killers to the patient to ensure that any infection or headache subside within a short while. The patient might experience some redness and swelling which also goes in two to three days. The patients suffer from hair fall after any kind of surgery and that is the case with hair transplants as well. A person’s new hair fall out but this is only temporary and new hair appear within a period of three months. The patient sees maximum results of the FUE hair transplant after almost ten moths from the surgery. The FUE method is preferred since it does not cause any permanent scars or unnatural results like buckled up scalp or bumps. With time, the techniques are evolving and new technologies are being introduced. The FUE method can be performed using a mechanical device called the neograft. This machine extracts hair using a vacuum, and then plants these follicles on the bald patch. Even then, surgeons are needed and their judgment is more trusted than any machine.

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