Fue hair transplant Thailand

Many people travel for hair transplant in Thailand due to various reasons. But now a day hair restoration in Thailand is comparatively at higher rates as compare to Pakistan and Turkey.Thailand is a vacation destination for people belonging to all parts of the world. This is because it is a cheap destination in terms of accommodation as well as shopping. One thing that Thailand is famous for is the cosmetic products and procedures. Being a South Asian country, Thailand is climatically favored by many people who belong to the western world. The exchange rate of currency makes Thailand a cheaper vacation spot. Hair loss treatments are offered all over the world and in Thailand, the surgeons are experienced due to performing surgeries on all kinds of people belonging to all ethnicities. Thailand is one of the cheapest countries in terms of hair transplant costs while the prices are reasonable. However, there is an aspect that we must be aware of and that is misleading a person. The surgeons and doctors in Thailand can mislead a person about the kind of procedure that they need and the number of grafts that have to be planted. However, this can be done by the surgeons and doctors of any country. The candidate must do proper research before choosing a surgeon and this can be done by reading or taking reviews from the past patients. Surgeons who are experienced and skilled always provide testimonials of past patients so that any future candidate can judge how experience the surgeon is and what kind of results are produced. There are many cities in Thailand where hair transplants are available. Mostly, good hair transplants are available in cities where tourism is most. It will not be wrong in saying that while tourism is a major industry in Thailand, medical tourism is also booming. This is primarily because when people travel east from developed western countries, they have a greater buying power due to the exchange rate and they apply for a hair treatment since due to the exchange rate, the hair restoration procedure become very economical for them. On the other hand, the surgeons of Thailand perform many hair transplants and are experienced and so a good surgery ensures great results. Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are some of the cities that boast some popular clinics where hundreds of hair transplants are done every day. A small to medium hair transplant procedure  in Thailand may cost around 100,000 baht, which is around 3,000 Euros and hence extremely cheap as compared to costs in Europe and the United States. Usually hair  surgeons charge according to the number of grafts being planted. The language difference is great in Thailand since a majority of people are not fluent in English while foreigners from anywhere outside of Thailand might not understand the local language. In order to abstain from misunderstandings and misleading a person must be aware of what he needs to get done and the extent to which he should go considering his budget. This can be done by researching the options prior to the procedure. However you may get cheaper hair restoration procedure in Pakistan where experienced and highly qualified surgeon offering Fue procedure. The rate in Pakistan for Fue procedure is

– FUE 2000 Follicles = 1800 euro

-FUE 4000 Follicles = 3600 Euro

FUE hair transplant Thailand

Neograft 4000 fue grafts in 2700 euro

FUE before and after result

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