Fue hair transplant results

Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan

Hair transplants were initially done to restore hair growth and cover gaps in growth resulting from burns or accidental scarring. Due to the success of such treatment, the procedure was started as a cosmetic surgery to relieve people from baldness. Nowadays, a large number of people suffer from hair loss due to stress and poor diets. The increasing trend of fad diets and eating less has caused a deficiency in people who then suffer from massive hair loss. The hair transplant surgery has provided a solution for hair loss and with increasing resources more people are opting for it. This procedure is performed in two basic ways, the strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The strip method involves removal of a strip of hair from the back of the head, which is dissected into smaller hair units and then planted on the bald area. The part from where the strip is removed, also called the donor site, is stapled up using surgical staples. These staples leave a scar permanently at the donor site. The scar can be covered up by the surrounding hair length. The FUE procedure is more technical since it involves extraction of hair follicles from the donor site and then planting them on the bald patch. This method is more successful due to its results. The FUE method does not leave any scars. There are no marks at the donor site or the recipient site. The hair follicles are planted on the bald patch by making tiny incisions, in which the hair follicles is placed. This way, there is no broad mark around the planted piece. The surgeon chosen for FUE hair transplant must be skilled and experienced to ensure that the hair follicles are planted in the hair growth pattern. Since FUE involves plantation of individual hair follicles, the direction of growth and the distance of each hair follicle can be maintained. This ensures a permanent natural look. Once the surgery is done, the candidate loses all the hair that has been planted. However, the root system beneath the scalp surface is intact and therefore new hair grows back within a period of three months. After a period of around nine to ten months, the hair gains length and it appears as if the person was never bald. FUE method has a lot of advantages over other hair restoration treatments. Some non surgical methods require daily care and application of topical lotions to maintain hair growth. Once a person stops using these medicines or lotions, the hair growth again drops and baldness recurs. FUE method is a one-time hassle and the results are everlasting. The procedure does not produce any bumps or buckled look and can be used to cover large areas or bald patches. The surgeon initially observes the patient and decides how many grafts will be needed and then starts transplantation. The side effects of the FUE surgery are minimal and very short termed. An individual may experience headache and swelling for only two or three days and enjoys full growth for the rest of his life.

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