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Fue hair transplant Afghanistan patient travel Abroad

Hair transplant in Kabul Afghanistan doesn’t have international standard clinics and doctors due to continuous war. Mostly people travel to Lahore (Pakistan) for hair restoration. Dr.Ahmad chaudhry MD (Paris), visiting Associate Professor in France has hair  loss treatment clinic and he has good reputation regarding result and affordable  rates. Most of people have their hair loss and baldness treatment and return back to Kabul Afghanistan. For those who are interested to have fue procedure, a visa letter and hotel accommodation is arranged. To listen and see patients reviews about Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry , see these video testimonials.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello, we need your close up pics of bald area or weak hairs so that we can guide you accordingly.

  2. sayed anbia sadat /

    My hair is weak and I lossing my hair day by day

  3. admin / Post Author

    Sir, Our hair transplant in Kabul clinic is closed at the moment. All our patients are vising our Lahore clinic for hair restoration.
    Warm Regards

  4. Ahmad /

    Pls write me back if its possible to get hair transplant in kabul

  5. admin / Post Author

    Hello, We are based in Lahore Pakistan and most of our patients from Kabul Afghanistan visit our clinic for best quality hair transplantation. We can arrange hotel and provide you pick & drop service.

  6. Abdul Munir /

    Please tell me the address of your clinic in Kabul.
    Thank you

  7. admin / Post Author

    A lot of people are visiting our clinic for hair transplantation from Kabul.You are welcome and one of our representative will coordinate with you.

  8. Hair Transplant in Kabul /

    I am female patient and have thinning of hair. I have visited skin specialist in Kabul and he suggested me to get new hair implantation. I am willing to travel to Pakistan for my treatment.Suggest and guide me in this regard.

  9. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, Male pattern baldness class NW-6 require 2 sessions to cover all area. First session will cover 60-70% baldness and after few months we would transplant remaining area. First mega session contains 3500-4000 follicles and cost for this procedure with strip method would be 82000 AFN or 1400 euro. We have special discount during Ramadan and you can also avail our Ramadan package.

  10. Hamid /

    Sir, I am NW 6 and required 6000 follicles. I have searched and did not find any reputed hair transplant clinic in Afghanistan. I have seen different hair transplant reviews in your website. I am also interested to get hair transplant done at your clinic. Please email me all information including hair transplant cost for 6000 grafts.

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