Fue hair transplant pakistan

The best clinic for Fue hair transplant Pakistan 

Medical tourism is getting popularity and people are coming for fue hair transplant in Pakistan. The major attraction is affordable cost of this procedure. When people go to lesser developed countries than their own country, for medical services; it is called medical tourism. Usually, people coming to Pakistan for medical facilities do so keeping the cost of the procedure in mind. Hence they travel across to Pakistan in search of cheaper treatments. It may be of worth to mention, that the quality and care given to the patient before, during or after the treatment is in no way less than the services provided in developed western countries. You can get hair transplant in Pakistan at much better cost and same quality as in Europe and the United States.

How many methods of hair restoration in Pakistan

This is done in two ways, Strip surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), FUE is the more advanced and result yielding procedure since it involves the extraction of individual follicles which are then planted in the bald scalp area. FUE hair transplant in Pakistan is more preferred since it leaves no scars and shows more natural results. This method requires the surgeon to be skilled and experienced since it has to be done in a way that the  follicles planted show the same pattern of growth that the existing hair are growing in. This not only requires skill but also aesthetic sense and an artistic hand. In Pakistan, there are several renowned surgeons who are performing FUE procedure. It is best recommended that a person interested in hair restoration must do some research prior to consultation. Once he has decided upon a surgeon, he must try and get feedback from his past patients. Usually, many clinics have blogs and websites where patients leave their comments about their experiences. This kind of a forum can be very successful since it helps everyone to find out more about a surgeon’s reputation. If possible, the candidate can ask past patients personally about what happened and how satisfied they were. If a patient has prior knowledge of the surgery procedures it is always beneficial since they keep a realistic approach concerning the result of the procedure. Surgeons of the Asian background are preferred by people all over the world due to their treatment towards the patient. The surgeons here maintain a personal relationship with their patients and so they feel comfortable in asking any question they have about the surgery. In case of any problem, the surgeon is easily reachable. FUE is a good option for people with higher degrees of baldness. Individual follicles can cover a large area due to the plantation being done individually as well. In strip method the strip is dissected in units which contain one to three hairs and this plantation, if done by an ordinary surgeon, can give unsatisfactory results. However, FUE technology is becoming more common and new technologies are being used to speed up the procedure. Neograft device is an example of this and can be used to plant a large number of grafts in a single session while the same number of grafts is manually planted in more than one session. Motorized fue hair transplant in Pakistan is performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and one can get 3000 follicles in single session.

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