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How to find Fue hair transplant clinic in Iran ?

Iran is a hub of medical science and provides good health care for anyone who opts to go to Iran for a surgery or any other treatment. Since the early times, Iran has been a central place that has produced many scientists and mathematicians. Even today, many latest researches and procedures are being worked upon. During the last few decades, Iran has earned the reputation of being the capital of nose surgery. Cosmetic procedures, especially nose surgeries are a specialty of Iran. Another very popular cosmetic procedure is the hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants are being done all over the world and as people are gaining resources and exposure, they opt for hair transplant to regain confidence and look better. The latest technology and methods are being used in Iran . However, like Iran is associated with the best nose surgery and plastic surgeons, it is not that famous for hair transplants. It must be cleared that the hair transplant procedures performed in Iran are of high quality and good results, but this kind of quality and results are ensured by surgeons of a few other countries as well. Many candidates do not wish to go to Iran for a hair transplant because the same quality of the procedure may be achieved by getting the procedure done in Pakistan or Malaysia. While these countries are cheaper than Iran, there is no security or political issue and hence other destinations are chosen. Iran is a favorite spot for cosmetic surgery for Arab and some Asian countries but generally, due to the misperceived reputation of Iran, people avoid going there for a procedure that may be done elsewhere as well. Most of the medical tourism to Iran is due to the plastic surgeries and not hair transplant surgeries. There are still many people who choose Iran for hair transplants since the surgeons there are extremely skilled and qualified. Iran is well equipped and has the latest methods of hair transplant procedure. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, which involves extracting follicles from an area of good hair growth and then planting them one by one on the bald patch. The method is quite technical and requires a skilled hand to produce good results. FUE hair transplant can be performed using the neograft device, which is the latest technology nowadays. Neograft is a mechanical device that extracts follicles using a vacuum suction system and then plants them on the bald area. This leaves absolutely no mark since no incision are made and the extraction is through using a vacuum. The whole process of FUE hair transplant is easy for the patient and tough for the medical team involved in the procedure. However, due to a good number of skilled surgeons in Iran, it is very easy to get a good transplant, which will give great results and an everlasting relief from baldness.

FUE hair transplant in Iran is very expensive as compared to our clinic. For example fue hair transplant cost in Iran will be 4000-8000 euro while same number of grafts you can get 1800-3000 euro from our hair transplant and restoration clinic.

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