Fue hair transplant in pakistan cost

How much does Fue hair transplant in Pakistan cost? 

People are getting Follicular unit Extraction or Fue from Pakistan due to low cost and excellent results.Pakistan is one of the countries that have seen advancement in the field of medicine in the past few years. There are many fields of medical science that are excelling and people come to Pakistan to get treatment for many kinds of surgeries. Apart from experience and skill, the surgeons and in turn the surgical procedures are much cheaper than those in more developed countries. This is because health care and medical charges are much cheaper than the charges in western countries. Hair transplants are being done at much cheaper rates and with the same quality that is available in other developed countries. Hair restoration surgery is performed using two basic methods; Strip harvest and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE requires more skill and gives better and everlasting results. It requires more technological equipment and care than strip method. This is why it is much more expensive than strip method. However, FUE  hair transplant in Pakistan cost is much cheaper than in other countries. FUE  costs around 7,000 to 10,000 Euros in Europe while it costs between 3,000 Euros to 4,000 Euros in Pakistan. These days there is a lot of medical tourism in the world. Medical tourism is the term used to describe the travelling that a patient does to get a treatment in another country, rather than in his own homeland. This may be due to better surgical procedures, better cost or better health care conditions. Medical tourism is when a person travels to a lesser developed country, from a developed country, choosing that environment for his treatment. Pakistan is a country where we see a lot of medical tourism and this is mainly due to better quality and a personal communication between the surgeon and patient. Here, surgeons and doctors are available all the time and can be reached easily. In case of any queries or ambiguity, the doctor is always ready to help. All these things add to the cost at which the procedure is done but in spite of all this, the total of the procedure is much lesser than the cost of FUE  in other developed countries.

FUE hair transplant in Pakistan cost is charged according to the number of follicles that are planted. In case of lesser grafts being planted, the price will be lesser than in case of a larger number of grafts. In many major cities of Lahore, there are renowned surgeons available for FUE procedure, however, any candidate must do some research. This will help them in finding a surgeon who is experienced and offers Fue at a cheaper cost than others.

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