Fue hair transplant in China

Fue hair transplant in China

China is a very big country and is diverse in terms of economic classes and advancements. While there are big cities that boast industrial development, there is a large part of China where rural lifestyle is found and people are engaged in farming and rearing. The cultural background of China is very rich and hair has a special part to play in the old Chinese culture. The Chinese people take care of their hair and men and women alike grow their hair long. The big cities of China have many cosmetic clinics that offer hair transplants. Usually, the people of China do not suffer from hair fall like the rest of the Asian communities do. This is because the Chinese food and ingredients are still less contaminated and simple. However, there are still people who do have less hair and need treatment. It is worth mentioning that there is still lesser trend of hair transplants among the people of China but there are numerous clinics in the major cities. This is because the foreign patients come to China in large numbers and get cosmetic treatments done. Hair transplant is being done in every country now, and China is in no way behind. The major cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou offer many clinics where hundreds of people are getting hair transplants. The surgeons available in China are much cheaper than anywhere else in the world. As with all things made in China, the hair transplant surgery has the same quality but much lesser prices. Having said that, there are many expensive doctors in China who produce excellent results and the patient is fully satisfied. More commonly, the surgeons charge according to the number of grafts and the area that needs coverage.

Other than hair transplantation of hair follicles, there are many other hair restoration methods available in China as well. However, the hair transplant results are most appreciated and therefore preferred. Hair transplant is done in two ways; the strip method and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The FUE method involves extraction of hair follicles from an area of good hair growth and then planting these follicles on the bald patch. The FUE method is widely available in China and there are many successful surgeons who treat many patients every day. These surgeons are much cheaper than those available in the western developed countries but even then, in Asia, there are many other countries where even cheaper hair transplants are available. The percentage of local people who opt for a hair transplant is very low while there are many foreigners in China or those who visit China for a cosmetic treatment. Due to China being an extremely large country with diverse economic classes, the concept of hair transplant is not widespread, but this does not hinder the development of this technique and influx of foreign patients to China.


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