FUE hair transplant Australia

Fue hair transplant Australia

Australia holds a special place in the world of cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants since it is the birthplace of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant method. This is a big milestone for hair surgeries since the final look from FUE is much better than the results from the previously practised ways of hair transplant. Australia is one of the developed countries of the world and has a tremendous amount of tourism. While millions of people travel to Australia for leisure, many travel in order to get a certain treatment. This is because the medical facilities in Australia are word class and are above the standards maintained in many advanced countries. Medical tourism to Australia is so extensive that a special visa is issued to people who wish to travel to Australia for any kind of treatment. Cosmetic surgeries and hair transplants are available in Australia and it is pertinent to mention that there are several renowned surgeons in the country, who have a wide number of foreign patients. Skilled and experienced surgeons are available in many major cities of Australia. Every patient is recommended to find out about a surgeon who suits the patient best. There are many factors that have to be kept in mind while searching for a surgeon. The foremost factor is skill and experience, followed by the cost. There are several skilled surgeons who offer competitive costs due to a competition in the market, while there are many skilled surgeons who maintain a high cost irrespective of the market trends. Nowadays, it is easy to find a doctor through the Internet, and instead of travelling to a foreign country, a person can have an initial appointment before the start of the procedure. It is recommended to send pictures of the scalp from a distance that makes hair growth patterns visible. Once the surgeon views the pictures he can give an estimated number of grafts needed as well as the final cost. If the cost and surgery procedure suits the patient, he can travel to Australia to get the treatment completed. Many doctors and clinics maintain a website where there are testimonials of past patients who have written about their experiences. These testimonials are helpful for potential candidates who can prepare themselves for the procedure by deducing the extent of the results of their hair transplant. Once the initial consultation and testimonials satisfy an individual, he can proceed to Australia for treatment otherwise there is still a wide array of surgeons available. The environment for surgery makes a massive difference since the person is psychologically peaceful. Australia provides a comfortable and fresh environment for all patients who wish to get hair transplant or any other treatment. The accommodation and travel to Australia is expensive therefore it is best to do a lot of research so that the individual’s money is not wasted. The time of stay depends on the number of sessions for each hair transplant. In case a large number of grafts are needed, there can be multiple sessions which will take much longer than a single session transplant.

  1. Get 2500 follicles in 1000 euro by strip method including 2 night Free hotel stay.
  2. Get 2000 fue follicles in 1800 euro- 2 nights hotel stay included
  3. Get 4000 fue follicles in 3600 euro – 3 nights hotel stay included

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