Frontal Baldness

Frontal baldness hair restoration clinic Lahore

Personality plays an important role in creating impression of a person. Every man and woman wants to look young and beautiful. But some of them start losing their hair in early age that can destroy there all impression. Especially if someone is suffering from frontal boldness, he will feel reluctant to enhance his social circle. It makes a person looks older than his present age. It is important symptom in initial stages of Norwood seven stages of hair loss. Those who are suffering from male pattern hair loss or Androgenic Alopecia are also victims of such baldness.

Dihydrotestosterone, a hormone in human body plays a significant roll in hair loss from the frontal area of scalp. It is produced in both men and women. It directly effects the hair growth by attacking hair follicles. When this level is increased in human body, hair follicles start thinning. Some medical conditions such as thyroid also cause excess hair shedding from the front. It is important that you should come to know about baldness in its early stage. You should consult your dermatologist if you are suffering from excess hair loss. Hairs fall due to DHT mostly starts at reaching puberty, but it rapidly increases in late twenties and early forties.

One of the treatments of hair loss approved by Federal and Drug association of the Unites States is “Rogaine.” It is also known as “Minoxidil.” Some research is conducted on dermatologist and patients, which proves that it actually works in treating frontal baldness. Many dermatologists now recommended it as an efficient non surgical method of hair restoration. It should be used once in a day on affected frontal area of scalp for at least three months. Both men and women can use this, medicine if they are suffering from frontal hair loss. “Finasteride” is another medicine approved by FDA for frontal baldness. It is introduced in early 1990s to slow down the effects of DHT on body. A study told that 83% of person who used it for two years have positive affects on their hair growth. Some side-effects are associated with these two medications. You can get several allergies, irritation, redness, chest pain or hives if you are using them. It is highly recommended using these medicines after the advice and under the care of your doctor.

Only permanent solution of restoring back your front hair is hair transplant surgery. In these surgeries, surgeon will make tiny holes on frontal area your scalp. Afterwards, he will insert hair follicles into those holes which are taken from back or sides of head. You will not feel pain because you will be given a proper dose of anesthesia. This method is very costly. Non surgical treatments usually have short-term benefits, but they are very cheap as compared to surgical treatment. Surgical procedures are recommended by dermatologists only when all other methods are failed and give no results. You can also wear some wig or use hair extension by the time you go through transplant.

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