Follicular unit extraction cost

Follicular unit extraction cost in Pakistan Lahore Karachi Islamabad and Peshawar. Follicular unit extraction is a latest method of hair transplant where follicular are harvested from the donor area without any incision. This method was initially performed in early 2000s and it is gaining popularity through advertisement and media. Now it is much favored by physician and patients all over the world. This method is considered as the most expensive among the other hair restoration methods. In this method surgeon removes hair one by one from their natural location. It takes much time and he is not able to achieve desired follicles in one session. Multiple sessions and more hours are required to carry out this surgery. In follicular unit transplant, surgeon can remove up to three thousand grafts in a single session but in this method it takes multiple sessions to extract these grafts.

Another reason for why FUE is much costly is that there are only a few surgeons who have actually skilled this technique. As it is an emerging latest method of restoration, you will only find a small number of surgeons having specialized in FUE. It takes many years and hard work to understand and learn this transplant method. Only a skillful surgeon can give desired result without any adverse side-effects.Average cost of FUE in the United States ranges from seven dollars to eleven dollars per graft. Surgeon can extract up to two thousand grafts in s single session. This method is very much costly when compared to other surgical and non surgical methods. FUT, another method of hair transplant is much cheaper than FUE. Average cost of FUT is not more than six dollars per graft. This makes FUE unaffordable and high priced method. Average cost on over all treatment depends upon the number of grafts needed by patient. If patient needs to transplant two thousand grafts, average cost would be from fifteen thousand to twenty two thousand.

In FUE surgery, no staples, stitches, big scars, blood and pain is involved like traditional strip harvesting. Only tiny white scars will be left on the scalp in the end which is not visible to human eye. It allows a patient to shave his head after transplant. After strip harvesting, there left a linear mark on the scalp and patient can never remove his all hairs any time in his life. Routine activities and strenuous exercises can be performed immediately after surgery. Due to these advantages, patients are ready to pay doubled as compared to FUT. They need to go for a transplant only once in their life so they prefer this method over others. Cheap FUE surgeries are available in other developing countries of world with same high quality results. People have started travelling to these countries to make their expenses affordable. Most of these countries are charging no more than five dollar per FUE graft. Transplant clinics and surgeons are strictly following internationally set standards of transplant. This makes FUE accessible and cheap to many patients who cannot afford it in their country. Pakistan is one of the cheap hair transplant destination where lot of people are travelling for hair loss treatment on permanent basis.

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