Follicular Hair Transplant in Lahore

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Lahore is famous for having some very good hair transplant clinics. The doctors are performing surgeries everyday and producing excellent results. The latest method used for hair transplant, which is followed by all the countries is FUE (follicular unit extraction) performed by many trained and expert surgeons in Lahore as well. Follicular hair transplant is a technique in which hair follicles are taken from the back or the sides of the head or from the donor area in the form of either a strip or single. These follicles are transplanted to the bald area. This is how the surgery carried out.

Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, it is important to have the full knowledge of all the techniques used in hair transplant and which one is for you. The old method of hair transplant is the Strip method, where the strip is removed from the donor area and then the follicles are separated in order to transplant them to the bald area. This is the classic method and is used till date with the same effectiveness and good results. However there is a scar left and the stitches are also given from where the strip is removed. However, a good surgeon would make it less visible with his expertise in performing hair transplant surgery.

 The other method which is used more often these days is follicular unit extraction, FUE, hair transplant. It is the modern method which is followed in the most advanced countries these days like, USA, UK or Europe. Clinics in Lahore are not behind in any case in the technology. FUE is successfully performed like in other countries with the same level of results. In this method a single follicle is removed and planted into the bald area. It is considered a less invasive method due to no scar, no stitches and no touch technique. In this method there is less bleeding and it is more recommended to people with diabetes and who have other cardio problems. The surgery is not detectable due to its preciseness and exquisiteness. There is no bed rest required after the surgery.

One thing should be kept in mind that any surgery could have some side effects, though it is the duty of the good surgeon to give awareness to his clients that how those side effects could be controlled. The clinic should be hygienic and meet the international standards. Our clinic is Lahore met all the standards require for hair transplant surgery and our highly qualified surgeon Dr Ahmad Chaudhry can give you a look which you can idealize and other can envy. Book your appointment today with our clinic and get free consultation from Dr Ahmad Chaudhry, personally or online.

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  1. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hi, yes our hair transplantation clinic in Lahore is doing follicular unit transplant surgery as well as fue hair transplant.

  2. Follicular Unit Transplant Lahore /

    Sir, do your hair transplant clinic in Lahore performed follicular unit extraction?

  3. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, cost of hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is 75000 to 150,000 pak rupee. However fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan is higher like 150,000 to 300,000 Pak rupee.

  4. Hair transplant cost Lahore? /

    Sir, i am interested to restore my hair and what is hair transplant cost in Lahore?

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