famous hair transplants

Famous hair transplant in Pakistan by politicians, actors and military officers. It is a psychological phenomenon that if we see a celebrity or an important person do something, we believe it is acceptable and we can follow it as well. In case of hair transplant surgeries, there were many people who were reluctant to opt for it since it was an expensive procedure that could change a person’s appearance for the better or worse. However, as we see some famous people getting hair transplants and how it has positively changed their outlook, there are many of us who have become open to hair transplants. There are many international and Pakistani celebrities who have undergone hair transplant treatments, while some of them also endorse the clinic from where they got their hair transplant done. Some very famous names of people who got hair transplants are Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Salman Khan, Sunjay Dutt and Akshay Khanna. Among Pakistani celebrities there are some names which everyone is familiar with. These include Nauman Ijaz, Faisal Qureshi, Babur Ali and veteran actor Shakeel. Hair transplant was first done in the 1950s for covering up accidental scars and due to its successful results; it became a cosmetic procedure which has been changing the way people look. People related to show business and those who need to appear pleasant and less in age often use harsh chemicals and heat styling which harms hair. Over a period of time, such styling causes hair loss and gradually, baldness is reached. Hair transplant not only provides a solution for hair loss but also helps in maintaining a look that is desired in order to look younger and pleasant. Hair is an essential part of looking healthy and fresh, that is why many people related to a field which involved physical appearance, and the people engaged in this type of business get hair transplants. It is always an encouragement and a consolation for many upcoming candidates to feel satisfied and confident about the procedure that can change their looks. Famous people who have gotten hair transplants are a live example for candidates to see how successful the hair transplant can be and how it can transform a person. There are many politicians and public figures that have gotten hair transplant surgeries. A very popular politician who has undergone this treatment is Mr Nawaz Sharif, chairman of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group. Not only celebrities, but every common person who suffers from hair loss can feel less confident and look much older than their actual age. This factor is big enough for any person to turn to expensive ways and difficult routines on a daily basis to restore their hair growth. Hair transplant, by far, is the only procedure that provides good results in a short while with only a one-time hassle. Other hair restoration methods are time consuming and laborious, causing the candidate to often get tired and leave the routine. This is why hair transplant have become common and more and more people turn to this procedure to get rid of baldness forever.

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