Dr. hair transplant Peshawar

Dr.hair transplant in Peshawar

In Pakistan, medical tourism is rising due to the adequate cost of a procedure and the good medical facilities available. Cosmetic surgeries are also being performed in all the major cities of Pakistan. Peshawar is the provincial capital of the Northern Province and hence there is an influx of patients from the surrounding cities and villages to Peshawar. Hair loss is a menace that is becoming common and people are turning to various methods of hair restoration in order to look younger and better. The city of Peshawar has many good clinics and medical centers where hair transplants are done. There is a trend of doctors visiting other cities and countries on a weekly or monthly basis and this concept exists in Peshawar as well. Well reputed doctors from all over the country come to Peshawar and offer consultation as well as surgeries to patients in the city. The hair surgeon is simple for the patent but a careful and cautious procedure for the surgeon. Therefore it is essential to choose the right surgeon who can apply skill and artistry to the procedure to ensure a good result. When looking for a doctor, the patient must have a few factors in mind like the cost and the end result. It is best to do some research prior to the procedure so that you can choose a surgeon who is well reputed and experienced. It is always better to refer to a surgeon who conducts a large number of cases since such surgeons have a vast experience of working with all kinds of cases. The cost of the procedure depends on the amount of work needed and the level of baldness of the patient, but the cost of the procedure must be decided before engaging a surgeon. The disposition of the surgeon must be friendly and easy so that the patient can be able to ask all types of questions and clear any confusion that occurs in the patient’s mind. In case the doctor is reserved and does not give a free feeling to the patient to ask questions there can be many misunderstandings which can affect the satisfaction of the patient. The clinic and the medical team also play a part in the hair surgery. The procedure is performed under the effect of local anesthesia and therefore the patient is awake. If the surroundings are unpleasant or not comfortable, the patient might not be comfortable. Small factors can affect comfort, such as air conditioning or noise can cause the patient to become tense and it is absolutely essential for a patient to be relaxed so that the donor site as well as the recipient site are not tensed and allow good transplants. In Pakistan, the history of patients generally denotes a good reputation of surgeons who are devoted to yield results in their patients. This has caused an increased number of people to come to Pakistan for a hair restoration surgery.

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