Dr.Chaudhry Lahore Hair Transplantation

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair transplant clinic in Lahore

Hair transplant is the distribution of the follicles from the sides and back of your scalp to the recipient area on the top. This genetic trait also allows you to remove some hair without losing the genetic properties and therefore it will continue to grow in your entire life. Today we will discuss some most famous or best recommended clinics for hair transplant in Lahore .

Today, modern technology serves thousands of hair loss victims to restore their natural hairlines. The problem can be devastating for men and women both who suffer from it. While every person is suffering from baldness is medically indicated for hair restoration, many who have experienced this procedure feel a sense of renewal of confidence. Surgical procedure is an ultimate answer for permanent solution. It is a simple method to perform under local anesthesia when required. Hair grows like natural for life time after successful treatment. The procedure may be considered last substitute for men. The concept or thought of transplanting your hair is a bit scary or sometimes painful. Understanding how your transplant will work will help you to relieve your mind and get started yourself for what’s expected if you decide to go this direction for fighting with your baldness.

First we will discuss about hair transplant clinics in Lahore . Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’ hair transplant clinic in Lahore no. 1 clinic specializing in Follicular unit Extraction. It is spread in many cities of PAKISTAN like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Sialkot. HAIR clinic also offers Follicular unit extraction method (FUE), body hair transplant, eyebrows and eye- lashes treatment.

Fue hair transplantation clinic in Lahore is one of the famous medical center for treating baldness located in Lahore. This center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pattern baldness in men and women. It is performed using motorized and Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction (R-FUE) techniques. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry, a world renowned surgeon, presented a series of improvement in procedure which uses the ARTAS Robotic System for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

This baldness disaster affects more than 40% men in the Pakistan alone, with many sufferers experiencing low self esteem, depression and lack of confidence as a result. At the Cosmoderma  Clinic in Lahore we understand these issues, which is why we offer personal and honest advice to guide you through the psychological effects of baldness. This clinic also offers various free consultation or online consultation options for those who want immediate treatment and discuss your requirements and address any question or query you have in your mind regarding treatment or procedure.

Hair loss clinic in Lahore is also very famous in treating Alopecia problem. Dr. Ahmad is a very renowned doctor and recognized as world leaders in technically difficult method of Follicular unit extraction FUE technique and likewise follicular unit transplant technique. He has  the ability to perform sessions of 6000 grafts in one day, the largest to date in Asia; utilizing both techniques for hair restoration. He has consistently produced high quality results enhancing the life and happiness of our patients.

There are several different techniques available for the harvesting of follicles, each with their own merits and demerits. Proper or exact extraction of follicles is paramount to ensure the visibility of restored hair and avoid transaction.

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