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Are you looking for a state of the art hair loss  surgery? Is baldness taking your self confidence away? Are you looking for the best and qualified doctor for hair transplantation? Are you curious about the procedure and the results after spending so much time and money? Well all your worries are over because you can have the best surgery, on very affordable price, with excellent results by the very talented and highly qualified surgeon, Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. He is one of the best surgeons in Pakistan rather he is one of the pioneers of hair transplantation in Pakistan. He had introduced a very high end hair surgery  in Pakistan when people in Pakistan were not very well aware of the advantages of the surgery and there were very apprehensions related to the surgery but Dr Ahmad Chaudhry has proved all the negative pre set assumption wrong by proving excellent results of the surgery without any side effects. Dr Ahmad Chaudhry is supervising a very well equipped clinic in Pakistan after completing his specialization in hair restoration surgery from Paris. He is also delivering lectures as a Visiting Associate Professor in Claude Bernard University, Lyon 1, France.

Dr Ahmad Chaudhry is an expert in all the techniques used for hair transplantation, whether it is the old and classic FUT (follicle unit transplant) technique or the most advanced technique which is now carried out in all the world class clinics FUE (follicular unit extraction). FUE  is a time consuming procedure and it needs special training to conduct it. Every surgeon cannot carry out this procedure. The surgeon has to be very careful in doing FUE because in this technique of transplanting hair, a single follicle is removed unlike the strip method where there is a whole strip is removed of follicles at a time. FUE is very precise method the hair follicles are taken out one by one with an exclusively designed instrument under high quality microscope without damaging the follicles. Then these follicles are transplanted into the bald area. The hair follicles are extracted by making incision in circling around the follicle. There is no big incision or scar is there in this technique that why it is also famous for less invasiveness. There is no down town after the surgery. In FUE there is very minimal bleeding and this technique is highly effective for the diabetic people and the ones who have cardiovascular problems. The healing process is very rapid. There can be chances of infection after any surgery and the doctor advices the antibiotics to control this problem. The procedure is almost painless due to the injection of local anesthesia and the effect of the anesthesia fades away after 6 to 8 hours. However, sometimes a little discomfort is reported by the patient. After the surgery a pain killer is also prescribed to cope with any pain. Dr.Ahmad is very patient with his clients and makes them feel as comfortable as he can. The results of the surgery done by DR.Ahmad Chaudhry are phenomenal and very impressive and he offers money back guarantee if there is no good result seen by the patient. So, if you want a natural looking hair transplant which is not detectable and appreciable, DR.Ahmad Chaudhry is the first and the ultimate choice for you.

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  1. shah nawaz /

    Dr saab,

    I wanted to enquire can a chest or beared hair can be transplanted on head as i got planty of rich hairs on my chest.

  2. waheed Aslam /

    I want to transplant my hair with laser,now determine the price ,I have seen the accuracy and particular array of hair.one of my friend has experienced this process and transplanted by Dr.Ahmad ,that my friend briefed me about the suitable and aptful method.one thing want to add that no one clue should remain that this person has transplanted the hair.

  3. DR M ASIM /


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