Dr ahmad chaudhry hair transplant

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant in Pakistan (Lahore).There are numerous hair surgeons in Pakistan who are renowned for their skills and successful procedures. One such name is that of Dr Ahmad Chaudhry, who is located in Lahore and is popular for hair transplantation. His hair restoration clinic is in Lahore, where he deals with a large number of cases, ensuring successful surgeries and follows up sessions. Dr Chaudhry is also Visiting Associate Professor at the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France. He has completed his MBBS from King Edward Medical University Lahore and became a member, Diplomate of the French Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is also the Diplomate in Laser Surgery in Paris. He is a member of the visiting faculty at the Claude Bernard University, where he conducts lectures to medical students. Dr Chaudhry does not only have educational background and affiliations of respectable associations but he also has a vast experience due to dealing with countless cases of hair transplant. He also has the honour of being one of the very few hair surgeons who has mastered the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. He has a vast experience, spanning over 13 years of hair restoration among people who hail from all parts of the world. He is exposed to the new techniques and uses latest equipment and methods in order to yield the best results. Apart from expertise, Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry clinic  in Pakistan (Lahore) offers reasonable packages and affordable costs for surgeries. Although very seldom there is a need of correctional sessions, but in case this occurs, he does not charge anything extra unless the results have been affected by any negligence on the recipient’s part. The Hair restoration clinic is located at the heart of the city where there are numerous patients being treated every day.

Dr Chaudhry is well-reputed for his cost effective methods in Lahore, Pakistan as well as in France. The cost of any procedure depends on many things, such as the surgeon, his technicians and the methods that are being used. Unlike doctors who do not create a personal relationship with his patients, Dr Chaudhry has kept a personal rapport with his patients who walk out satisfactorily from his clinic. Often surgeons take before and after pictures of patients to observe the level of success. From the records of the procedures done, it is clear that the proportion of successful results with Dr Chaudhry has always been large. Both, Strip method as well as FUE cost differently since the latter involves more care and expertise, however, in Dr Chaudhry’s case, it is noted by patients that the successful procedure and its long lasting results make it worth all the cost. To get an appointment for Dr Ahmad Chaudhry hair transplant call or write us +92-333-430-99 99

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