Crown-Top head hair transplant

Crown Top head hair transplant in Lahore

Crown -top head hair transplant in Lahore at Cosmoderma clinic performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Crown or Vertex area hair restoration depends upon three factors 1- Donor area density 2- Crown area baldness 3- Frontal hairline density. Some people have very good frontal hairline and their hair loss start from top area and gradually spread and visible to every one. Though this top baldness can be camouflaged by frontal long hair or comb over however when baldness become large then hair can not cover it and one should think about permanent hair restoration procedure.

Crown Top hair transplant Lahore

Crown Top hair transplant Grafts Requirement

Crown -top area grafts requirement depends upon level of baldness. Normally 2000-2500 grafts required for a reasonable density. It is important to select best hair restoration surgeon for crown hair procedure as this area need special grafts or hair placement in a whorl like pattern. If proper  orientation and angle of hair did not look like natural then it would be recognized and give artificial look. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry normally performs frontal or crown -top hair transplant in Lahore routinely and predetermined angle and whorl like pattern so that cosmetic outlook will be excellent.

Crown top hair restoration lahore

Crown Top hair transplant Results Expectation

Hair restoration in crown area and results expectation depends upon baldness area  and donor grafts or hair availability. If someone did not need or expect future hair loss and have adequate donor area then  good coverage crown- vertex area would be possible and final results would take 9 to 12 months.

Best Crown Vertex hair restoration clinic Lahore

Post -Op day 1 Fue 2019 Grafts -Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry


Crown top hair restoration results Lahore

Crown top head Fue hair transplant cost in Lahore

Crown top head requires 2000- 2500 grafts and an average cost through fue procedure in Lahore is 150,000 Pak Rupee at good clinics and 75000 to 100,000 Rupee at newly established clinics. As newly established clinics and doctors did not have enough experience and to meet their expenditures and salaries of staff, their charges would be less as they have to learn and make many mistakes. One should always find an experienced, highly skilled and qualified doctor as saving few pennies would risk your future results.

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