cost of hair transplantation

Cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore-Hair restoration is the only effective method of permanent hair growth for baldness or partial hair loss. The field has established itself as an emerging industry. Cost of transplantation is becoming low day by day due to heavy competition in this industry. Every transplant clinic or hospital offers discount and packages to attract patients.

Cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore is dependent upon various factors. It varies from surgeon to surgeon based on their experiences and knowledge. A highly skilled surgeon with several years of practice will always charge much as compared to less experienced surgeon. Some untrained and inexpert surgeon can charge very less, but they do not follow internationally set standards of health. Surgeon having good reputation will actually yield good results in the end even he is charging more. The area where transplant clinic or hospital is located also effects over all cost of transplant. If it is located in an elite or expensive area, you need to pay more money. If it is located in some commercial area, it will be much costly. Clinics in remote and developing areas are less costly because they are mainly attracting patients from near by. Package of surgical hair replacement offered by a clinic consist fees of surgeon, charges of room where surgery is performed, facilities offered by staff and cost of medicines and anesthesia. Type of procedure used for hair transplant is also a main factor. For Example, FUE and laser transplant is more expensive as compared to FUT. Before estimating cost, it is also important to check the baldness level of person. It will help in finding out how much grafts he or she needed. Average rate of a graft ranges from five dollars to six dollar. Multiply total amount of grafts required with this price, one can get the estimated cost.

One important thing is that even cost of surgery is descending with time, but it is still very much high than other non surgical treatments. But if one wants to get permanent hair once in life, he should go for this surgery. Non surgical products usually show results after using for a long time. Once use of that product is continues, hair thinning starts gain. If someone estimates the cost that has to spend upon non surgical products and compare it with hair transplant treatment, they will be almost the same. Some of these medicines have unfavorable side-effects.

Hair transplantation is included in cosmetic surgery, so it is not covered under any medical insurance. It is important to know about total package of surgery before making appointment with surgeon. Surgery in the United States and Canada charge much high as compared to other countries. India, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong are charging very less cost incurred on transplant. They used latest updated technologies, talented surgeons and well equipped hospitals as same as in any developed country. People from developed countries of world are moving towards these countries to get a better treatment in fewer prices. Cost of hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore falls between 75,000 to 150,000 Pak rupee.

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