How much does it cost hair transplant in Pakistan

How much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan,every person come across this question before undergoing surgical hair replacement in Pakistan. It is right of every individual to search and look for hair transplant cost in Pakistan who is seriously thinking to undergo hair loss treatment. It is also priority of the patients to search for cheap hair restoration in Pakistan before selecting some clinic for hair loss treatment. Are you getting best treatment while paying for low cost or affordable prices? There are some concerns that cheap procedures will not give good result or quality of  instruments would not be good. Low cost procedure will not give any sort of infection like Hepatitis B, C or HIV.  The procedure costs between 50000 to 75000 thousands rupee in Pakistan. Frankly speaking one can not get good result in such a low price as cosmetic surgery prices are always higher compared to other surgical procedures. Board certified and skilled surgeons are always quality conscious and they don’t want their patients would be unhappy or unsatisfied with the outcome of hair restoration procedure. We can divide this procedure in two classes, Cheap and quality restoration.Cheap hair treatments in Pakistan are available everywhere but those patients who choose such clinics they have various complications.

  • Hair replacement surgery procedure is not natural and everyone point out fingers and recognized procedure and some times in public places source of embarrassment.
  • Frontal hairline as well as rest of the transplanted hair have gap between one hair to second hair and see through effect is obvious.
  • Donor area scar is visible and one can not cut hair short due to this ugly and distorted scar.

Best hair care clinic in Pakistan

There are very few clinics in Pakistan which are offering quality hair  surgery. However such centres have little higher prices due to following reasons

  • Instruments used are disposable so there is no chance of infection like Hepatitis B & C or HIV
  • Surgeon is skilled and properly Board Certified and often foreign qualified.
  • The results are natural, undetectable, angle and curvature of the hair is similar to natural hairs.
  • Frontal hairline is thick and dense pack. There is no see through effect.
  • No body can recognize whether these are transplanted hair or natural.
  • Surgeon performs procedure with Tricophytic Closure so scar visibility is negligible
  • There is less or no pain due to sharpness of instruments and disposability of material.

It is not a good decision to save few pennies and have complications after the procedure. Best transplant in Pakistan is possible and one can get it between 75000 to 150,000 Rupees (1000-1800$).

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Hair transplant pakistan cost

Result 11 months after procedure

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