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Cosmetic Surgery-hair transplant center in Peshawar Pakistan

Pakistan is fast making a mark on the map in terms of cosmetic treatments and development of medical facilities. In all the major cities of Pakistan, including Peshawar, there are several surgeons who offer quality procedures.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair is shifted from an area of good growth and planted on an area of poor or no hair growth. In Pakistan, there are several surgeons who are widely acclaimed for the work they do. In Peshawar, there are many medical centers and clinics where good hair surgeries may be received. The surgeons from other cities also visit Peshawar periodically so that the patients of every city may benefit from their experience. The surgery is done under the effect of local anesthesia. The procedure is a simple one for the patient but requires a skilled and experienced surgeon. This surgery is very expensive in countries where cosmetic procedures are highly priced and medical facilities are expensive. This is why many people consider traveling to cheaper destinations in search of a quality surgery and Pakistan is a favorite among patients from all over the world. Skilled doctors are available at very low cost as compared to European countries. Before any kind of treatment, the person suffering from baldness must find out the cause of it. Once the cause has been detected, it should be cured so that the reason is totally eradicated. Then only does the treatment work fully In case the problem of hair loss is not corrected, there is a chance that hair fall will recur even after treatment. Once the problem has been corrected, the person can pursue any treatment. For hair transplantation surgery, the most important step is to choose the right surgeon who can carry out the procedure correctly so as to deliver the right results. Peshawar is a provincial capital and there are many people who get treatments in the city. The surgeons in Peshawar are well qualified and experienced to perform such surgeries. The skill and expertise needed for this surgery are high and not all surgeons produce natural looking results. The patient can easily find a good surgeon through proper exploring on the Internet. A candidate can gather information about the surgeon and his work by reading past patients’ testimonials and through the reputation of the surgeon. There are various hair transplantation centers in Peshawar where surgeons from all over the country visit to offer their services to patients. If a patient is still looking for a surgeon in Peshawar he can simply contact one through emails and send a picture of his hair growth to the surgeon. The surgeon sends an assessment of the amount of grafts and sessions needed along with the cost of the whole procedure. This can be done without having to travel to other destinations and once the decision is finalized, the patient can make travel and accommodation arrangements. The surgery may be a simple procedure for the patient since it is done in a clinical environment with minimum tools but the surgeon needs to exercise great caution and care. First of all, the patient is given local anesthesia so that the area to be worked on is absolutely numb. Then the surgeon starts to remove the hair in the form of a strip of individual hair follicles, according to the method chosen. Then the hair is planted on the bald patch. In either method, the surgeon has to exercise great care otherwise the results can be poor. In Peshawar, there are several surgeons who are part of reliable transplant centers and this is a further assurance that the final result will be satisfactory.

 Hair transplant centers in Peshawar are offering cheap procedures while the quality of the surgery is as good as the result of those being done in the western developed countries.

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