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Clinic Hong Kong- hair transplant in Hong Kong and cos of hair restoration procedure.

Hong Kong is one of the special administrative regions governed by the Chinese government and a home to the foremost financial centers of the world. It attracts tourists around the world with its unique culture, tallest buildings, highly developed transport system and cuisine. High standard hospitals with latest equipment and expert doctors are present in Hong Kong. They follow all internationally set ethical standards of health care. People from Europe usually comes to Hong Kong to get cheap and good treatment. They are now coming here to get hair transplant, which is as same as any hospital in the United States, but with significantly less charges.

Hair transplant clinic Hong Kong are offering free initial consultancy with a surgeon. You just need to fill an online form and submit it. They will arrange your meeting with a well-known surgeon and answer your queries related to transplant surgery. If you are a foreign visitor and want to come only for transplant, you can find a good clinic from internet and check out the relevant information. Many clinics have designed their own websites that help patients to understand their services and goals. Most websites contain basic information related to hair loss and baldness, different methods of transplant, before and after surgery photos; cost of surgery, frequently asked questions and their contact. You can find list of previous patients and video testimonials. After going through this information, you can easily decide whether you want to go for that clinic or not. You can also get opinion about transplant clinics from those who undergone a treatment from them. Don’t go for registration unless you got personal satisfaction.

Hong Kong clinics cost less as compared to other developed cities of the world. They charge thirty Hong Kong dollars per graft. Average cost of a transplant is twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars. This cost can vary according to transplantation method you want. Follicular Unit Extraction is costly in Hong Kong as compared to traditional strip surgery. FUE costs sixty Hong Kong dollars per graft. You can get world class treatment in significantly less price. But over all cost is totally dependant upon number of grafts a patient requires. They have good cleanliness and hygienic conditions. You can come back to your hometown within a week of surgery. Medical staff working there is supportive and pays you proper attention. High quality and safest local anesthesia is used to save patients from pain. They try their best to yield maximum hair by inserting minimum grafts. They also ensure you in maintaining your privacy. They won’t publish your photos on their websites or in advertisements without your permission.

If you are planning to get transplant surgery in clinic Hong Kong, you need to ask surgeon about number of sessions and recovery time. After this, you need to apply for a visa and to check other entry requirements. You can get a visa of minimum seven days and maximum one hundred and eighty days to stay in Hong Kong.

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