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Hair Transplant  Lincolnwood Chicago Patient – success story

Mr. WZ lived and worked happily in Chicago USA for the last 20 years. Currently he is 55 years old and he had his first procedure in 2012 from Karachi but result were not excellent. He contacted our online representative and decided to travel to Lahore Pakistan for second procedure. Though there are many clinics and surgeons offering hair transplant in Chicago but he preferred to get it done from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry. Previously he had strip or FUT hair restoration procedure from some other clinic and this time he chosen Dr.Ahmad for Fue hair transplant procedure. He has to bear lot of pain and discomfort due to his strip surgery back in 2012. He had his second Follicular unit extraction procedure in 2013 and got 2400 units. The second procedure gave him more satisfaction and density in the frontal hairline area.

Baldness involved his crown and mid scalp area and he decided to undergo his third procedure and choose Fue technique. Our clinic performed his 2 Fue hair transplant in Pakistan and today 06th Jan 2015 Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracted 2100 grafts by follicular unit extraction method to cover his mid scalp and crown area.  Patient has Diabetes Mellitus so special measures were taken to give local anesthesia.  When our clinic performed his first session at that time patient was also Diabetic. With special arrangement Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performs hair transplant in Diabetic patients and results are excellent.

Why patient did not have hair transplant in Chicago

The simple reason is difference in price. Hair transplant cost in Chicago is charged $3-5$ per graft and 2000 grafts means he has to pay 6000$ to 10,000$ while here in Pakistan hair restoration cost for Fue procedure 1.00$ per graft.

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