Cheapest Hair Transplantation

Cheapest hair transplant

While looking at various options of surgeons that one can go to for a hair transplant procedure, there are a few factors that everyone considers. One of the main reasons that a certain surgeon is chosen is the cost of procedure. In case there is a surgeon who costs more than the rest, people will always consider him a last option since the foremost criteria in picking a surgeon or a particular treatment is to see how feasible and affordable it is. Often people forget that an expensive treatment may be due to ensured good quality, which might be an absent commodity in a cheap hair transplant. This is one of the reasons it is recommended that the candidate researches well and sees on his own what each surgeon is like and what his past patients experienced. It is obvious that nobody wants to compromise results for the cost and so they choose a good surgeon for the procedure since it is hard to entrust your appearance with someone who is not skilled. In many developed western countries, the cost of any cosmetic procedures is manifold to that being offered in the east. This is due to many reasons such as the class of people who apply for it as well as the treatment techniques and standard of care being given. However, in the East, there has been a great change in people’s mindsets and they have opened up to such treatments. Many treatments are only sought by the affluent class in the west while in the east it is a common found concept. Hair transplant is much more in practice than any other cosmetic surgery since it is being done on both men and women.

The strip method is much cheaper than FUE hair transplant since it does not require the same level of skill needed for FUE hair transplant5. Therefore if a person chooses strip method, the cost of his treatment will obviously be lesser than if he went for a FUE hair transplant. Almost al surgeons charge according to the number of grafts, so if a person is getting a nominal hair transplant of only 1,000 grafts, the cost of his procedure will be lesser than someone who gets a hair transplant of 3,000 grafts. Apart from the quality and affordability of the person going for a hair transplant, there are some countries that are just cheaper than other countries. Regardless of the quality or number of grafts, there are some places where these procedures are more expensive. The cheapest hair transplant procedures are mostly done in Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan. On the other hand, the more expensive countries include all of Europe and the United States. Someone who wants a hair transplant must keep in mind that cost effectiveness is a very valid factor but it should not be preferred at the cost of quality since hair transplant can improve or destroy the appearance in a single session.

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