Cheap hair transplant South Africa

Cheap hair transplant South Africa

South Africa is one of the countries where the number of tourists is large and the development of the country is also fast and inviting. However, the medical tourism to South Africa is not significant and people usually consider Asian countries for cheaper treatments. In South Africa, surgeons usually charge a flat fee per session while in other countries the fee is charged according to the number of grafts planted. The currency of South Africa is cheaper than that of the western developed countries therefore the cost of a procedure goes down. Moreover, due to per session charges, people who have a lower degree of baldness and need only one session can get a cheap hair transplantation done. It must be mentioned that although a hair restoration in Asia costs much lesser, the cost of the same procedure in South Africa is not as expensive as it is in the west. On an average, a session costs around 20,000 Rands, which may be equivalent to $2,337. This is not as expensive as a regular hair surgery costs in the western developed countries. The hair transplantation procedure was first performed as a correctional measure to cover accidental scars or abnormal hair growth due to burns or birth deformities. Since it produced excellent results, the surgery became a cosmetic procedure and since then, people have been turning to it for hair restoration. Hair loss is a growing problem since people are engaging in more competition and trying to slim down by reducing diets. This causes stress levels to increase and deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals. The cause of hair loss must be identified before getting any treatment started since it may recur in case the issue has not been cut out from the root. The surgeon chosen for a hair transplantation is the most important factor in getting a good procedure since the skill and expertise of a surgeon can ensure a result yielding procedure. The hair re growth methods used today produce natural results and it is after much advancement in the field that this has become possible. Previously, hair transplants often caused bad results such as hair growing in bunches and away from each other. This made the hair look like doll’s hair and seemed unnatural. Another fault that was observed was the bumpy or buckled up scalp look. Nowadays, the hair transplants are so natural that even a hairdresser cannot detect in case of a surgery. The robotic hair transplants are also being done in which a mechanical device extracts hair from an area of good hair growth and then these follicles are planted on the bald patch. However, people trust human judgment more and despite this fast method of transplantation, people prefer a manual surgery by a good surgeon.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Matthew , Robotic hair transplant in South Africa is not available at the moment. Mostly hair restoration clinics in South Africa are using motorized hair transplant procedure for follicular unit extraction.

  2. Matthew /

    Hi, I am interested in robotic hair transplants. Is it available anywhere in South Africa yet?

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