Cheap Hair Transplant in Europe

Hair transplant surgeries are available in all the countries of Europe. In this continent, the price needed for these treatments are very high. However some countries are providing cheaper surgeries to the patients. The price is also depending upon method of treatment and number of grafts. Europe is one of the seven continents of the world. It is also the second smallest continent by the area. It is the most developed continent that is significantly contributing to the economy of the world. It has much political and cultural significance. Standard of living is high in all of its countries. Best health care system is provided to the people. Hair transplant treatments are also there in the countries that help the patients in permanently getting new hairs. These treatments are permanent because they sue hair follicles to re grow new hairs. In the procedure, hair follicles are taken from one part and implanted to another part of the scalp. These surgeries are very much costly in this continent. The United Kingdom is the country that is providing the most expensive hair surgeries to the patients. It is estimated that patients need to have from four thousand to fifteen thousand pounds if they want to get surgery through traditional strip surgical method. They need to pay from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand pounds if they are going to get latest hair restoration surgery. The prices of these surgeries are significantly lowered in Scandinavian countries of the continent. In Denmark, Norway and Sweden, patients can obtain a low cost surgical treatment. Average rate of the surgeries are lower in these countries. Those countries that are located in western part of the Europe are charging huge money from the patients.

The total price of the treatment in this continent is totally dependant upon the number of follicles that are acquired by a patient during the surgery. The average rate of a single graft is set indifferent hair loss clinics. The total number of grafts is multiplied with the average price of a single graft. This helps the patients in getting an estimate figure that they need to pay for their surgical procedure. This makes the treatment less costly for those who need less number of grafts during their treatment. Consultation in any of the clinic is free of any charges. Patients can discuss with the surgeon about the relevant confusions in their mind. This help the patients in finding that whether they want to continue the treatment with this surgeon or not. The method that is selected for treating the patients is also affecting the overall price of the surgical procedure. Currently there are two methods of hair restoration surgeries in the world. Follicular unit transplant is one of them. It is the older method of restoration in which hair follicles are extracted from the scalp with the help of a metallic strip. This helps the surgeon in harvesting up to five thousand grafts in a day. This makes the treatment less expensive as compared to other surgeries. This treatment is obtained on a reasonable cost from all over the continent. The other method is costly and it is known as follicular unit extraction. This is newly introduced method. It helps the patients in getting minimum scarring after the surgery because hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area of the scalp. Its price is s twice as the traditional surgery. Getting hair restoration surgeries in Europe are very expensive. These are not covered by any health insurance. In some clinics, special discounts are provided to patients. Some of them offered the patients to pay the fees on installments. People from this continent travel to the different countries of Asia for low price surgical treatments. Hey can save their seventy percent costs if they get treatment in those countries. The quality of the surgery is as high as provided in their native countries. Patients can compare the Hair Transplant Cost in Europe by taking help from hair restoration forums and blogs. This can help them in finding the cheap treatment in their continent.

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