Budapest Hair Implants

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Men after certain age have to face the dilemma of hair loss. With the growing age they feel they are losing hair more rapidly or frequently. It is badly affecting their masculinity and they feel deprived of their self confidence. It is not less than a psychological trauma for anyone who is facing baldness. It lowers the self esteem of a person. Now your baldness is not a hindrance in the way of your looking good and carrying your self confidence. The perfect solution of your baldness is hair implant restorative surgery. Hair fall in men can be the result of hormonal changes caused by various factors. They can change with changing atmosphere or place or they may result of some accident, mental trauma, any operation or medical therapy etc. In your ever growing baldness your genes also pay a prominent role. This kind of baldness is more serious and permanent in nature. The hair loss is given the name of male pattern baldness. In male pattern baldness, usually the front and top of is more and primarily affected. And it is followed by the sides of the head. The baldness pattern is usually found in the form of patches.

Women also face hair loss equally. It is as troublesome for them as it is for men. Female pattern baldness also varies of different situations and life styles. Iron deficiency plays major role in hair loss. Crash diet, thyroid imbalance, chemotherapy or any other medical therapy, childbirth, lactation are some of the causes of hair loss in women. Women often suffer thinning of hair all over the head and not normally in the form of patches.  Male pattern baldness is different from female pattern baldness.

No matter what pattern of baldness you are suffering from, the best solution for everyone is hair transplant surgery also known as hair implants. Hair implantation is a surgical procedure done under local anesthesia. It is widely done treatment for hair restoration and produce excellent results for both men and women. After injecting local anesthesia to the scalp the hair follicles are removed from the donor area by using two techniques. One is the Strip and other is the FUE hair transplant. In Strip method hair grafts are taken from the scalp in a group form and separated later under microscope. In FUE single graft is extracted. After doing this procedure the hair follicles are implanted into the skin where you have baldness. These hairs grow naturally after implanting them with expertise and they keep growing all life. Only a good surgeon can give you a guaranteed life time results of your baldness.

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