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Best hair transplant in Toronto and Cost related information- Hair transplant treatments are available in all the developed cities of the world. Toronto is a metropolitan city of Canada. In the city, hair restoration surgeries are available. These treatments are much expensive in the city as compared to other developing countries. Toronto is one of the largest and cosmopolitan cities of the Canada. It is also a developed city that provides all basic facilities to its citizens. In the city, up to forty nine percent population is non naïve. This city is annually visited by a lot of tourists. There are many people in the city that are suffering from hair loss and baldness. These people are always in search of a treatment of heir balding scalp. Hair restoration surgeries are offered to such patients that want a long term and permanent treatment. In these surgeries, hair follicles are extracted from one place and implanted to the balding areas. The total costs of the surgeries are dependent upon many factors. A high quality hair surgical treatment is provided to patient that yields the best results in the end. A reason that why this treatment is expensive in this city is that it is considered a luxury item by the Government. This surgery is not performed in any public sector hospital or clinic. There are many private hair loss clinics and hospitals where patients can obtain this surgical treatment. These clinics are found in abundance in the city. But patients usually seek those clinics that provide these surgeries on a low price to the patients. If these surgeries are done properly, they show their result for the life time. So in these cases, these surgeries are not expensive. Male pattern baldness is a common problem in the city. Patients suffering from this problem have to take care of their balding scalp. In this metropolitan city, patients do not have time to spend on non surgical products. These drugs and medicines are fewer in prices as compared to surgical treatments. But patients prefer hair surgeries so that they can get permanent hairs.

In Toronto, the total price of the surgical treatment is totally dependent upon eh number of hair grafts that are required for that surgery. This number of grafts is different in the patients. These depends upon the severity of baldness and in some cases the hair density that a patients want in his recipient areas. It is very difficult to find about an estimated price for the treatment. Surgeons and hair clinics usually set the price of a single graft. This price is divided by the total number of grafts that are need by a patient. For correct price estimation, it is advised that patients should visit a surgeon. Online hair graft calculators are also there to help them. Price is also dependent upon the method that is used during the s surgical procedure  The patients that go for traditional strip surgical treatment have to pay less money. It is estimated that for FUT treatment in the city, up to fifteen thousand Canadian Dollars are required. This is the cheaper hair restoration surgery available in the city. In the method, hair follicles are extracted with the help of a strip. These follicles are later dissected under a microscope. This method also cost less money because there are many surgeons in the city that can successfully perform a correct FUT treatment on the patients.

In the other method follicular unit extraction, much effort of the surgeon is needed. So it is the most expensive hair surgical treatment in Toronto. Patients need to have fifteen thousand to thirty thousand Canadian Dollars if they ant to get this surgery. This is a newer hair transplant treatment. Single FUE graft needed ten Canadian Dollars. There are a few clinics and surgeons in the city from where patients can get an accurate FUE treatment. This makes this surgical procedure cost as twice as FUT. Hair Transplant Cost in Toronto is high, but still patients from other countries came here to get surgery. They want to get the best quality surgery of their bald scalp. Every one can not afford 10,000 to 15,000$ and most of them find cheap hair transplant in Pakistan Thailand and Brazil.

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