Best Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Where and how to locate best hair transplant in Pakistan

People search best hair transplant surgeon & clinic in Pakistan as they deserve best for their head. Hair transplantation is a minor cosmetic surgery procedure where surgeon takes donor healthy follicles and relocate them to the bald or recipient area. Hair restoration specialist takes follicles from donor area by two techniques. The first technique called strip of FUT technique where strip of hair containing follicles is removed under local anaesthesia. The second method is called FUE-follicular unit extraction hair restoration where hair doctor extracts individual follicles one by one with tiny motorized punches. These donor grafts are implanted to recipient or bald area in the frontal hairline area, mid scalp and crown or vertex area. Transplanted hairs are permanent and these do not have tendency to fall in future life due to natural resistance. Transplanted hairs grow naturally and permanently and one may adopt any hair style after hair transplantation  in Pakistan.

Dr.Ahmad is a specialist and always perform best hair transplant in Pakistan due to his expertise, training, qualification and 15 years experience. The transplanted hair when re grows give realistic and best result. Male pattern baldness and female hair loss can be restored by surgical hair restoration in Pakistan.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    We can restore your hair and there would be no more alopecia patches.

  2. Baldy /

    I am baldy and want hair transplant at your clinic. what is procedure?

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hi, Minoxidil is approved by FDA for hair regrowth and it helps hair fall prevention.If you use more than 6 months then new growth will be visible.

  4. Minoxidil /

    What is role of minoxidil in hair loss? Does this regrow hair?

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