Best Hair Transplant Iran

Best hair transplant Iran

Iran has been the birthplace of science and mathematics and therefore it still holds a high place in medical developments and research. It is not wrong to say that Iran is by far the best place for anyone looking for a nose surgery. For years the cosmetic surgeries of nose also called rhinoplasty, is associated with Iran. The other cosmetic procedures are also of good quality and yield good results. Hair transplant surgeries are sought after by a lot of people since hair loss has become a serious issue. Hair loss may occur due to many medical disorders and may result from stress and poor nutrition as well. Generally, people are gaining resources as well as exposure hence a procedure such as hair transplant, which was considered out of reach for many people is being considered as an option to cure baldness. There are many people who travel to Iran in order to get a good hair transplant. In almost all the major cities of Iran, hair transplant surgeons are available. However, due to the negative image if Iran in the global community, there is still some reluctance on an individual level and people who desire a good hair transplant look for other destinations. Iran has the latest techniques and methods to perform hair transplants and there are hundreds of renowned surgeons who are experienced and can give a younger and better look to their patients. The hair transplant method that has been a revolutionary step in hair restoration is the follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE is by far the best method for transplantation since it does not leave any scars and is as natural as the regular hair growth. The FUE method involves plantation of individual hair follicles on the bald patch after they are extracted from an area of good hair growth. These individual hair follicles are planted in the same pattern and direction as the hair already existing on the scalp. The latest techniques of FUE allow the candidate to enjoy a 100 percent natural look since there are no incision or extraction marks anywhere on the head. In case a person has thin hair on the scalp, body hair can be used for plantations which grow long and thick normally. The only constriction in a hair transplant from Iran is the social image and this has caused the medical tourism sector to suffer. There may be many people who desire to go to Iran in order to get a good transplantation surgery but hesitate due to the negative reputation of the state.

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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant


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