Best Hair Transplant Dubai

Which clinic is performing best hair transplant in Dubai

There are various techniques for hair transplant in Dubai and most popular is Fue or follicular unit extraction. However some clinics do offer FUT or strip procedure but more patients opt for follicular unit extraction. Hair loss is a common social problem in Dubai and people contact to their Dermatologist or different clinics for  baldness to find solution of their problem. It is basic right of every patient to get information how much does hair restoration cost in Dubai? How many grafts do I need? What is best technique in each case? Doctors and different consultants explain about hair restoration detail and how many grafts requirement and total cost of procedure.

Check doctors and their credential before selecting any clinic for hair transplant in Dubai. There are enough before and after pictures on the websites and when you visit personally some clinic , doctor will show you adequate before and after pictures. You can see pictures with flash and without flash as it will give you clear idea about skill and expertise of surgeon.

There are various reasons for selecting Fue hair transplant in Dubai. It is less painful and scar free procedure. Everyone wants less discomfort and quick recovery after procedure so that he or she may resume duties. There is no incision in this method. It is latest technique and less bleeding as compare to traditional strip procedure.  Surgeon personally extracts all follicles so he/she spent most of time with you in operating room. One can get body follicles extraction and placement to scalp area. However body hair transplant cost in Dubai is not less than 10 AED/graft.

Can we get best hair transplant in Dubai?  There are some limitations in prices as some surgeon cannot go beyond this limit. Most of clinics charge 10 AED /graft by Fue technique and 2o AED for strip or FUT method. Some reputed and well known surgeon will charge even high due to their proven results and skill. However there is growing trend to visit abroad for low cost or affordable procedure. If you search on internet various clinics abroad, giving you attractive prices. People from Middle East visit Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Pakistan as he has more than 16 years experience in this field and can extract and implant more than 3000 grafts by Fue method in one day. if you need more than 3000 grafts then procedure may go for second day and in this way one can treat his full baldness and no need to go same procedure again and again.

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