Before after hair transplant

Before after hair transplant plan & Design

Hair transplant surgeries restore hairs in such a natural way that no one can find you have gone through any treatment. Even your hair dresser or hair stylist cannot recognize your transplant. It not only boosts your confidence level, but enhance your personality and looks. After introduction of body to head transplant, now person with very few hairs can also have a transplant. You can achieve your desired length within twelve months after the surgery. When you are planning to get a hair restoration surgery, the most important question that comes in your mind is how you look after the treatment.

You can go through hundreds of before and after transplant photos on the internet. Various photo galleries on different websites are there for your help. These photos first show you that how a person looked in his past before the treatment. Then, you can see that how his look will change after going through transplant. Men and women photo galleries are usually separate so you cannot waste your time. In some photos there can be some detail given along with caption. You can find about the number of hair grafts the person has obtained. You can estimate the number of grafts you needed by looking through various photos. These day pre and post treatment videos of patients are also available. Those questioning authenticity and reliability of photos can check the videos to see the results. If you want to read experiences and ideas of patients, you can go check web logs. From there you can ask patients regarding their pre and post surgical experiences. You can communicate with these patients through email.

These photos also help you in making a sensible decision of selecting surgeon or transplant clinic. You can easily find out whether you are satisfied with surgery results or not. You can compare the results of various surgeons. This is your own duty to carefully check different aspects of photos. Find some person whose baldness or hair loss is as same as yours. Check that how transplant affected his personality. It is advised to check these photos from a reliable source such as from official website of a transplant clinic. You can also request these photos on special request from transplant clinics. Usually the faces in these photos are blurred through a modification to maintain patient’s privacy. You can also find testimonials of previous patients on these websites.

Be very careful when checking these photos because software is available in market. Special effects are given to certain photos to enhance the look. You can fall in trap of fake clinics and inexperienced surgeons by making your decisions in these photos. Do not judge the surgeon ability only on basis of these photos. Some photos can hide the actual results. It is recommended meeting the patients in real before making any decision. You cannot check quality of treatments in these photos.

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