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  1. admin / Post Author

    Hello Sonu kumar , Please send us your close up photos from right,left ,top and oblique view so that we can help you.

  2. Sonu kumar /

    i an 21 year old l have problem my hair loss and my hair is very head is in the infront of some space to clean so please tell me best doctor and best clinic in birganj nepal..

  3. admin / Post Author

    Hello, please send us bald area pics so that we can suggest you.

  4. prashansa /

    i m tenage girl i had problem of piucking hair but nowday i get over it, but i have got baldness on my head which make me feel sad
    so, please let me know what to apply and what can i do?

  5. roshan /

    hi iam 24 yrs old, now iam start losing my hair and anyone can easily notice my skin of hair. my father is also bald so iam little worried about this problem. it seems like heridity problem . so is there any solution to my problem, i donot want to go bald so early. . if there is soultion what can it be and cost of it

  6. Nima tamang /

    I am only 20 year old i am causing hairfall and i am worring about hairfall and i have consult with doctor but there is no any good improvement please give me suggestion

  7. admin / Post Author

    Hi, yes there are many options like medical hair restoration, surgical hair replacement and hair transplantation to cure baldness.

  8. admin / Post Author

    Dear, please read previous post and already we have replied your concerns and worries.

  9. Hair loss in Nepal /

    hi doctor! I m 22 yrs old(men).i m lossing hair day by day .i m so worried.can u possible to hair loss regrowth?plz give me any suggestion.and how mach cost of hair transplanation in nepal.

  10. Baldness solution? /

    Hi, Is there any baldness solution in Nepal?

  11. admin / Post Author

    Hi,there are only two medications which can help to stop hair falling.Minoxidil 5% and Propecia tablet.Please start taking medication for 6 months and you will see improvement after 3 months.

  12. hair fall cure /

    I am loosing hair day by day and worried about my hair fall.Any suggestion?

  13. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, hair fall is a common problem. We can stop hair fall in the initial phase. Please start use of Minoxidil 5% lotion and Tab. Propecia 1mg/day.

  14. Hair fall problem /

    I am 25 years and my hair are falling every day and worried for my baldness or hair thinning.What hair fall treatment you will suggest?

  15. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Hi, you should consult your physician to know cause of hair loss or thinning of hair. Female hair loss can be corrected through medicine if it is due to iron deficiency, hormonal. If there is no such cause then we can go for surgical hair restoration.

  16. Hair Transplant (Lahore) / Post Author

    Sir, please send us your hair loss photos so that we can examine baldness pattern. Our hair transplant surgeon will give you estimate of grafts. You are welcome to Pakistan and our whole team welcome you.

  17. 45 years hair loss patient need expert opinion /

    I am 45 years male patient and my baldness is visible from frotanl area. I am thinking about hair transplantation. As you are located in Pakistan, i am ready to travel and have hair transplant procedure.

  18. Female hair loss in Nepal /

    Hi, do you have treatment for female hair loss or thinning. My skin is visible and i am very much worried about it.

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