Baldness stages

Baldness Stages-Baldness refers to partial or total loss of hair permanently. Baldness may be due to many reasons; heredity, medical, stress or hormonal. The average hair loss in a normal person is one hundred per day. If you are losing more than one hundred hairs per day, you need to pay attention to this problem. It is necessary for you to find out cause of hair loss with help of your doctor. If you are on initial stages of hair fall, you have more options of treatments as compared to later stage.For those suffering from male pattern baldness, seven stages are classified by Dr. James Hamilton in the year 1950. Later it was modified by Dr, O’ Tar Norwood in 1970s. These seven stages are known as Hamilton-Norwood scale. It helps in measuring the progress of male pattern baldness. With development of this disease, severity of hair loss also starts enhancing.

In Stage I, there is no visible sign of hair loss. It is much difficult to find out whether this hair fall is normal or due to male pattern baldness. You can find an adolescent hairline, which is usually not due to balding.

In Stage II, you will start losing hair from front or side of your scalp. This hair loss is also very minimal. You will also notice that you are also losing bunch of hair from crown. If your dermatologist is successful in recognizing this stage, you will get saved from further hair loss. You can recover from some non surgical treatment like oral medications or taking zinc and vitamins from this stage.

Stage III is characterized by two important symptoms. One is that, hair loss is severe in front and temporal area of scalp. Second, symptom is that air thinning will also start in crown or vertex. Some non surgical treatments are also available if you are passing from third stage.

In Stage IV, vertex region or crown of head start losing patches of hair. Hair loss from front area of your hair almost starts reaching to vertex. Hair restoration through non surgical treatment is also available in this phase.

Stage V is characterized when you lost almost all hair from front of your head. Now the bridge between front and crown area of scalp starts diminishing. This will be followed by more hair loss and shedding. Now in this stage, you can only get your hair back through hair transplant.

In Stage VI, bridge between vertex and front area of head totally disappears. There are no hair on front and crown of scalp. Your scalp became visible. You can go for wigs, hair cloning or hair transplantation to restore your hair.

Stage VII occurs when you loss hair from all parts of scalp except back and sides of your scalp. This is the last stage of baldness. In this stage, you have no other option of permanent hair restoration except hair transplant and hair cloning. You need to consult some dermatologist and find some information related to transplant surgery.

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