Average cost of a hair transplant

Average cost of a hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore-Hair transplant surgery is the most reliable and only permanent solution of hair restoration. Unfortunately, transplant surgery cost is not covered by any health insurance in the United States and the other countries of the world. Transplant is included in cosmetic treatments and these treatments are not included in insurance package until or unless you got it through some accident. It is essential for patients to estimate the average cost they need to pay for whole treatment before making any commitment with surgeon. Average Cost of one graft is the price range of three dollars to eight dollars in The United States. Average cost of over all transplant ranges from four thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. This treatment is much costly in the United States and Canada as compare to other countries. Some transplant clinics and hospitals do not charge according to number of grafts needed. They offer a whole package which contains number of session. Patients need to pay for the sessions he needed. Average cost of such packages is different from that dependent upon number of grafts. Average cost of follicular unit extraction is twice as traditional methods of transplant.

People particularly from West, Canada and the United States are going abroad for transplant surgery. The reason is developing countries are charging significantly less amount of money on transplant surgery. These countries include India, Mexico, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Slovenia. Average cost per graft ranges from one dollar to one and half dollar in these countries. In this way, they can save seventy to eighty percent money they need to spend on transplant in their country. They have to bear travel expenses, visa fees and hospital charges of these countries and these are not included in average cost of transplant surgery.

If you compare the money you have to spend upon the transplant for once with other non surgical treatments needed to continue for your life time, you will get astonished results. For example, Finasteride is a medicine which is taken by those who are suffering from male pattern baldness. This pill help in reducing the effect of DHT hormone that causes hair loss.  If some one needs this pill for a month, it price ranges from twenty five to fifty dollars. For one year it costs from three hundred dollars to six hundred dollars.  They cost up to nine thousand dollars if they will be taken for fifteen years. You can get transplant surgery in this cost and you don’t need to pay anything for rest of life.  So it is concluded that average cost of a transplant is as equal as average cost of non surgical hair restoration methods. Average Cost  of a hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore totally depends upon your level of baldness and severity of hair loss. If you need fewer grafts, you need to pay less money. Keep in mind that this is only cost of treatment and you have to bear additional expenses. These include those incurred on pre and post surgery precautions.

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