Africa Hair

Africa Hair (Transplant)

Egypt is one of the few countries with a rich history and culture and has a tremendous amount of tourism due to its historical monuments. One other reason for tourism to Egypt is the medical facilities provided, which are of good standards. It has a growing medical field and many people travel to Egypt looking for good and cheap treatments. A large number of people opt to go to Egypt for treatments of dentistry, cardiology and cosmetic procedures. The cosmetic medicine sector in Egypt is growing fast and has a vast number of clinics that provide world class treatment. The cosmetic surgeries most sought after include hair transplant surgeries, which are becoming common due to an increased number of people suffering from hair loss. Hair loss is caused by many factors such as stress and poor diets. These days, there is a lot of competition in the corporate world and even in education. This results in added stress that can cause hair loss. Simultaneously, people have become more conscious and in endeavors to lose weight, they start diets which may result in poor nutrition and hair loss. The methods used for hair transplant are basically of two types, the Strip harvest hair transplant and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip harvest method deals with removal of a strip of hair from a dense hair growth area such as the back of the head or above the ears. This strip of hair is then dissected in to smaller units and then planted on to the bald patch. The other method, which has a greater success rate and requires more skill, is the FUE method. FUE involves the extraction of individual hair follicles and then plantation of these follicles on to the bald patch. Every follicle has to be planted in a separate incision, which is like a slight cut in the skin. With later techniques, incision is also not necessary since the surgeon places the hair into the pore like opening in a tucking motion. In Egypt, hair transplant surgeries are being carried out in a large number. It must be noted that hair loss is a problem that is faced all over the world, and more and more people opt for a surgical cure. However, this does not ensure that high quality procedures are being carried out everywhere. There are a few destinations which are popular for their hair transplant surgeries. Egypt is one of these places, where a candidate gets a worthy treatment without having to pay a lot. Since 2011, the social and political conditions of Egypt have been erratic and usually foreigners are reluctant to visit the country. Tourism has dropped significantly during the past two years and this includes a large number of people looking for medical treatments. The location of Egypt is very central on the globe and since it is a cheap destination, people looking for hair transplants can be attracted to Egypt. However, the social conditions have changed this recently and many people avoid going to Egypt. Hostile conditions can cause a lot of stress while a prerequisite for any kind of treatment and therefore Egypt has become a secondary option. There are many good Egyptian surgeons, however, if one combines the travel, accommodation and surgical cost, it may be much more expensive than getting it done from a country like Pakistan or Thailand.

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