2500 fue donor pictures

2500 fue donor area pictures

Hair transplant is done in two basic ways, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The strip method involves removal of a strip of hair which is dissected into smaller units and placed on the bald patch. The FUE method is a bit more technical and involves extraction of individual hair follicles that are planted on the bald patch. The FUE method is performed in a measured way, by determining the number of grafts that need to be planted in order to cover the bald area. The Norwood scale of baldness is a universalized scale to measure the extent of hair loss according to the male pattern baldness. The surgeons can understand the area of baldness by labeling it according to the Norwood scale. According to the scale around 2500 grafts are needed to treat an area of baldness that has resulted from a receded hairline up till the crown of the head. When a person loses hair to the extent that the top of his head and the forehead have become bald; he will need around 2500 grafts to be transplanted in order to have a fuller and younger look. The FUE method is laborious since all of it is manual work done by the surgeon. This is also the reason for which candidates are recommended to select a skilled and experienced surgeon. The surgeon looks for a potential donor site, from where the hair follicles are extracted. Once the donor site is marked, the surgeon extracts hair follicles one by one. These hair follicles are then planted on the bald area, also called the recipient site. In many cases, the surgeon will need more than one session to extract around 2500 grafts. Usually, surgeons just cover the bald area during a single session. The density of hair strands is increased in the following sessions. This is done to reduce the amount of inferiority the patient might suffer from on days during the sessions. Apart from this, the surgeons usually get pictures taken of the patient’s scalp in order to see the development at each stage of the procedure. These picture help in preparing the patient for the end result while also showing him what kind of work has been done. The before and after pictures of any kind of treatment are not only for the satisfaction of the patient but are also a useful tool to help other people make up their mind about hair transplant surgery. The clinics and medical centers of today maintain their websites and blogs to create awareness among people about hair transplants and the end result of the procedure. This helps people select a good surgeon and get the kind of results they want. These pictures can also help the candidate in seeing how the follicles have been planted so that they leave the clinic satisfied. However, in case of any mistake that needs to be corrected the same pictures are useful to detect the results at every step.

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