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Hair Transplant- Hair Restoration

Hair Transplant in Pakistan Lahore

Our clinic is providing hair transplant and restoration in Lahore and surrounding cities. Recent trend of medical tourism, a lot of people are coming for affordable hair transplant in Pakistan from abroad. They are taking online appointment and estimation of grafts and procedure. Our clinic has a very good reviews and results. If you are thinking about surgical procedure in Lahore, then definitely we are the best clinic in Lahore. Fue procedure popularity is increasing because most of the celebrities have this procedure and their physical appearance improved impressively.

It is a relocation of follicles from donor area and implantation into the bald or recipient area. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and completed in 4-6 hours depending upon baldness level. These transplanted follicles shed initially after the procedure and regrow after 3 months. Transplanted hairs do not fall once the result is visible. Frontal hairline is created in a natural way so that it mimic to Nature. Our surgeon in Lahore creates hairline with maximum density so that there would be no see through effect. These hairs will continue to grow all your life, give you self esteem and confidence with full density on the bald area. The most commonly treated alopecia type is male pattern baldness. Baldness has very effective solutions and we treat hair loss in Lahore through hair restoration . Surgical restoration methods are advance today and recent trends are toward FUE procedure, Laser hair therapy, hair cloning, stem cell transplantation and plasma rich platelet treatments for hair growth and baldness. Hair transplant is equally effective for both male and female patients.

FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan Lahore

Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is the latest trend at our clinic. Our clinic follows international trends, research and techniques. We have introduced FUE in Pakistan Lahore few years ago and our surgeon in Lahore can extract 2000-2500 FUE grafts/day in single session. Every individual is not a suitable candidate for FUE procedure so our specialist will guide you which technique is suitable for your baldness. FUE hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore is done without any incision and stitches. There is quick healing and no waiting time between sessions. One can resume his/her duties next day after the FUE procedure. It is a permanent solution in Lahore as well as everywhere else.

Surgical vurses Non surgical replacement comparison

There are many shops, salons and spas offering non surgical replacement systems in Lahore. Non surgical system is commonly called Wig. It is modified form of hairpiece which is temporary solution for baldness . There are certain inconveniences due to these wigs. It is permanent source of expenditure because every month one has to spend for its maintenance. The unit has specific duration like one to two years and then you have to buy new unit. When we calculate non surgical hair replacement system for 4 to 5 years, the cost of surgical hair transplant in Lahore is much cheaper as compared to these artificial wigs or systems. The wig gives unnatural look and easily recognized and becomes source of embarrassment in public places.

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